“Complimented my a** during a game” Alonzo Mourning was left completely baffled by Dennis Rodman’s flirtatious trash-talk

Dennis Rodman is known for his arousing plays and Alonzo Mourning recalls the flirty comments by Dennis Rodman.

Alonzo Mourning and Dennis Rodman
Alonzo Mourning (L) and Dennis Rodman (R)

Alonzo Mourning recalls the flirty comments made towards him by Chicago Bulls great and one of NBA’s most notorious player ever, Dennis Rodman. The comment made Alonso walk to the bench in deep thinking and later taunt Rodman for it. Surely an episode you should know all about.

Dennis Rodman was known for his antiques and hustle plays on the court. But he was a master of manipulating the opponent’s mind too. His comments could not only distract the opponent from the game but also affect their performance on the court. Miami great Alonzo Mourning was at the receiving end of one such comment, which kept him bugging throughout the game. As a result of which, Miami lost the game following a drop in performance by the star center.

Alonzo Mourning was taking stance for the free throws when Dennis Rodman used his trick to distract the Miami star with his words. Dennis Rodman started eyeing him out in a flirtatious way commenting on his rear end. Mourning had no clue how to react as he was visibly uncomfortable with the comments. Alonso got subbed out and was later seen cursing Rodman – “You’re sick. You’re crazy.” Rodman just smiled and continued with his game and of course targeting Mourning whenever possible. 

Impact of Dennis Rodman on Alonzo Mourning

Chicago Bull's Dennis Rodman and Miami Heat's Alonzo Mourning
Chicago Bull’s Dennis Rodman and Miami Heat’s Alonzo Mourning

Dennis Rodman was considered a beast on the court. His hustle plays and never-give-up attitude set him apart from others. Knowns as ’The Worm’ had a knack for getting under the skin of opponents and forcing them to make errors. The master of mind games always had his way with a bag of tricks and determination to win.

5-time NBA champion and member of Bulls 2nd three-peat, Rodman could never be neglected in any star-studded team. Alonzo Mourning made his NBA debut in 1992 when Dennis already had two championship rings and was part of Detroit bad boys.

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To those who are not aware, drafted as 2nd overall pick by the Hornets, Mourning was considered a top player in the league. He flourished in the Miami days and was the centerpiece of Pat Riley’s plays. But while playing against a talented Bulls team – including Dennis Rodman’s antiques and defense, Heat were eliminated in the 96’ playoffs.

There was a heavy duel between Dennis Rodman and Alonzo Mourning on the court, as 2-time defensive player of the year Rodman wanted to unsettle towering Mourning. The former had an impressive 18-8 record against Mourning including a 7-1 playoff run. 

Rattling opponents made Dennis Rodman extra-special for any of his team. It was not only about the numbers and the box score but the effect that he had on the team and the opponents on the floor made difference in the outcome of the game. Hall of famers and member of NBA’s 75th anniversary team; Alonzo and Dennis share a nice friendship off the court. But On-court rivalry was quite visible. 

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