“Bron can’t do this s**t” – Anthony Davis needs to SNATCH Lakers from LeBron James and make it his team, claims Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett expects Anthony Davis to buck up his game and play at an MVP level.

“Bron can’t do this s**t” – Anthony Davis needs to SNATCH Lakers from LeBron James and make it his team, claims Kevin Garnett

LeBron James and Anthony Davis (via NBA.com) (via NBA.com)

The Los Angeles Lakers had one of the biggest turnarounds last season. From being a play-in team to making it to the Western Conference Finals, they came a long way. As they head into the next season, the Lakers must ask themselves who will be the leading team. According to former Timberwolves superstar Kevin Garnett, it should be Anthony Davis.


In a podcast, Garnett iterated that he wanted Davis to play at an MVP level this season. Garnett felt that it was time for Davis to take the reigns of the Lakers in his hands and dictate how the team functioned. Garnett said, “Bron can’t do this s**t. We over that. I expect Anthony Davis to be MVP in these next two years or something. Real s***. It’s time bro. It’s time you can’t let Joker come into the league and surpass– Anthony Davis can do everything they can do. Anthony Davis can do everything Joker can do. He can do everything Embiid can do.”

Continuing the discussion, other panel members added to what they felt defined the team leader. According to Garnett, the person who took the last shot shot in crunch time is the team leader, and they expected Davis to fulfill that. Davis has the potential to play at an MVP level.

While Anthony Davis, by no means, had a bad season last year, it was far from an MVP level. Even when the Lakers were on the court, it could be seen that it was LeBron James who primarily dictated the situation when the game went down to the wire. Garnett hopes Davis can learn and replicate that as we advance into the next season.


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Is Anthony Davis up to the challenge?

Anthony Davis bounced back last season after a miserable 2021-22 season. Despite several injury issues, Davis looked fit enough during the post-season. He was pivotal to the Lakers’ series victory over the Golden State Warriors, being exceptional on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis (via KTIV)

It seems that Davis has worked on his fitness in the off-season. Clips of him working out in the Lakers facility have emerged. Davis seems to be fully preparing to take on his load next season. The health of Davis remains a main priority. The Lakers would need a healthy Anthony Davis to win another ring.

His fans will be quite happy. Davis has had a reputation for injuries, and putting time in the weight room will significantly combat them. Last season, Davis played only 56 of the 82 possible regular season games. Lakers fans can only hope that this time around, his body is more durable than what we’ve seen during the last few seasons.


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