Brenden Rice, son of legendary WR Jerry Rice, dubs LeBron James the GOAT over Michael Jordan

Brenden Rice, the son of the legendary Jerry Rice, crowns LeBron James as his GOAT.

Brenden Rice, son of legendary WR Jerry Rice, dubs LeBron James the GOAT over Michael Jordan

Brenden Rice, LeBron James and Michael Jordan

The debate over who is the NBA’s Greatest Player of All Time (GOAT) between LeBron James and Michael Jordan has gained a new voice. And this time it’s none other than Brenden Rice, the USC Trojans wide receiver and son of Pro Football Hall of Fame Jerry Rice. 


Although the conversation about the GOAT debate wasn’t even planned, it sure caused some stir in the NBA world. It was initially about the younger Rice on “The Herd,” talking about the expectations he has to face to follow in the footsteps of his Hall of Fame father.

That’s not all, he further pointed out the similarities with Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, who is in the same institution.

For context, both being children of NBA legends, Rice knows the pressure they have to face while trying to meet the loft expectations set by the media and fans.


When asked about his relationship with Bronny, who is on the school’s basketball team, he perfectly highlighted the demands of being the son of LeBron James on campus. However, he also made sure to put out his GOAT preference, eliciting a plethora of reactions online.

I can only imagine. It's hectic for him. Just being the son of LeBron James, especially that LeBron James is still in the league and still, I would say, in his prime and dominating as ever. I don't know about you, but that's my GOAT.
Brenden Rice said in the latest episode of Herd w/Colin Cowherd

With that being said, it will be great to see how both youngsters navigate this and make a name for themselves outside the sphere of influence created by their legendary fathers. However, it doesn’t change the narrative that he picked James over MJ as his GOAT. 

The expectations and pressure faced by Bronny James so far in his career

This season of college basketball has seen Bronny James, the eldest son of the LA Laker superstar, pass through one hurdle or another. From suffering a cardiac arrest to carrying the heavy expectations of his father’s legendary status on his young shoulders, the young talent has seen it all. 

He made his comeback after the injury scare to meet a team that was already struggling despite having the number one ranked high school prospect in Isaiah Collier.


Although his team found it tough this season, there was no denying the effort and hard work put in by Bronny to meet up with what has been demanded by the media for being the son of the great LeBron James. 

Furthermore, it has always been LBJ’s ambition to play with his son before he retires from the NBA. Who knows, maybe Ronny might get declared for the draft this season, and this could very well be his last in a USC jersey. Only time will tell.

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