“Adam Silver is Jewish” Charles Barkley questions NBA Commissioner for not suspending Kyrie Irving as he promotes antisemitism and insults his religion

“Adam Silver is Jewish” Charles Barkley questions NBA Commissioner for not suspending Kyrie Irving as he promotes antisemitism and insults his religion

Charles Barkley, Kyrie Irving

Charles Barkley, a former NBA player and current NBA on TNT analyst, responded strongly to the most recent Kyrie Irving scandal. Barkley said that Adam Silver should take the appropriate actions against Irving because of his support of an anti-Semitic documentary on social media.


Irving received harsh criticism for endorsing an anti-Semitic documentary on Twitter. Despite criticism from the NBA, the Nets, and a number of other organizations, the seven-time All-Star increased the strength of his support for the documentary on Saturday night. After receiving criticism, it resulted in a contentious exchange between Irving and an ESPN reporter about accepting responsibility for posting it on his platform. After his actions earlier this week, one influential NBA voice was not happy that Kyrie continued to play for the Nets.

In a Tweet that was later deleted, Irving posted a link to the 2018 antisemitic documentary, which was addressed by the experts on TNT’s Inside the NBA on Tuesday. Charles Barkley claimed that the league made a mistake by not taking action against Irving, and this is what he stated: “I think he should have been suspended. I think Adam should have suspended him. Adam is Jewish. You can’t take my $40 million and insult my religion.. I think the NBA made a mistake. We have suspended and fined people who have made homophobic slurs…”

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All about Kyrie and his antisemitic post on Twitter

Kyrie Irving’s disreputable actions and approach tried to continue last Friday when he tweeted a link to the 2018 documentary “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which depicts antisemitic statements and is based on a book of the same name. Some have criticised the book and movie for having an antisemitic feel, and the film seems to have been produced especially for Kyrie because he has always been a controversial character. In a press release, the NBA and Nike both condemned antisemitism and hate speech and also published a statement condemning antisemitism.

Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai expressed his disgust with his team’s star point guard Kyrie Irving’s promotion of the 2018 film on Twitter, which attracted a significant amount of media coverage and included extremely ugly antisemitic views. The NBA and the Anti-Defamation League were two of the many entities who disagreed with Irving’s Twitter tweet promoting the documentary. Irving faced criticism for his backing of the documentary, but he has subsequently pulled it down and suffered no consequences for his conduct.

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Charles Barkley calls Kyrie an ‘idiot’

Charles Barkley claims that by not punishing Irving, the NBA handled the situation improperly. Before the Nets’ TNT game against the Bulls on Tuesday night, Barkley gave more his opinion on the matter. He stated: “I think if you insult the Black community, you should be suspended or fined heavily… I think you should get suspended or fined… I can’t believe that we ain’t talking about basketball, we’re talking about this idiot.” There has not yet been any word of Irving facing any sort of punishment or disciplinary action as of now.


The Nets are going through a significant problem both on and off the court after it was announced on Tuesday that they had sacked coach Steve Nash. Despite this, the team still lost to the Bulls 108-99 in a game where Irving handed out a bad performance. The Nets haven’t done enough to deal with the damage of Kyrie’s activities, and this problem is unlikely to get better anytime soon until Irving needs to apologize and admits spreading the antisemitic information he has.

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