“He’s trying to uphold African American history at the expense of Jews, Christians and Islam” Skip Bayless blasts Kyrie Irving for promoting anti-semitic film

“He’s trying to uphold African American history at the expense of Jews, Christians and Islam” Skip Bayless blasts Kyrie Irving for promoting anti-semitic film

Kyrie Irving and Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless is all over the NBA headlines and the reason this time isn’t him criticizing or hating on LeBron James. Instead, we have King’s former teammate, Kyrie Irving on the receiving end. And, this time Skip Bayless isn’t wrong or overreacting for something. As Kyrie Irving deserves a major part of the shade being thrown at him by everyone around the league.

Kyrie recently promoted an antisemitic film and book on his social media handles. And, even after a lot of off-court drama Uncle Drew has decided to stand on it. As he feels he hasn’t done anything wrong but he really has. As on his social media handles Kyrie shared a movie called, “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.” This has hurt many feelings across the globe as it’s an antisemitic film. And, even Skip Bayless isn’t liking these controversial actions of his.

As reacting to the situation Irving has gotten himself into, Skip Bayless said: “I am with you I believe in free speech. If Kyrie Irving wants to quit basketball and go home and become a crusader for whatever cause he wants to crusade for on social media. I am on for him. I say ‘Go Kyrie Go!’ But unfortunately, for him right now he makes $37 million to represent a very big business… Heavily reliant on AD revenue from sponsors who sell products by people who are going to be Jewish or Christians or Islam all of whom who got offended by Kyrie Irving.”

Further, Skip Bayless went on to explain what Kyrie has really done and how he has hurt the feelings of many people around. He also mentioned the film shared by the guard to be “venomously antisemitic” by giving a reference to Rolling Stone. Skip Bayless also added many reviews and gave out a detailed idea regarding the movie.

Then Skip Bayless went on to say: “He is free again to believe all of the above, maybe there is some truth in that. But I don’t know of it… But the problem is it’s going to offend so many people, especially the Jewish people at the worst time… Kyrie didn’t go completely Kanye as speaking out against Jewish people or it didn’t come straight from Kyrie’s mouth… It’s worst place worst time… In Kyrie’s mind he’s trying to uphold African American history at the expense of Jews, Christians and Islam you can go on and on. It’s at the expense of everything else.”

Skip Bayless also talked about the league and Nets’ owner Joe Tsai being disappointed by Kyrie. He also brought Kanye West into the conversation and that aged pretty well. As Kanye has shown out his support for Kyrie Irving and now the guard is stuck in a very bad situation especially when the team is down and needs him.

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Can Brooklyn Nets trust Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie Irving- IMAGO / USA TODAY Network
Kyrie Irving- IMAGO / USA TODAY Network

Looking at Kyrie Irving’s history and the off-court drama he has been a part of it’s not easy to trust him. But the talent and potential he has is crazy and the Brooklyn Nets really need that. Every time he steps up on the floor he balls out. And, for that to happen he has to stay clear and if he fails to do that he may soon be out of the league for his actions as those are hurting millions of people out there.

He still though is a great team leader and the energy in the locker room is also good at the moment. But if he doesn’t get back on the track to just be balling rather than hurting people. It may have some serious impacts on his career and he can be banned from the league too.

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