“These n****s need guidance” – DeAndre Ayton reportedly dating active adult film star, NBA fans left in DISBELIEF

Deandre Ayton's association with adult film star sparks controversy, fans react.

“These n****s need guidance” – DeAndre Ayton reportedly dating active adult film star, NBA fans left in DISBELIEF

Deandre Ayton has been seen in a Snapchat video with pornstar Katt Leya (Images via X / formerly Twitter)

A recent Snapchat story featuring NBA player Deandre Ayton and adult film star Katt Leya has gone viral across social media. The video, which showed the Phoenix Suns center combing Leya’s hair, drew immediate attention and led to speculation and comparison with another NBA star’s past incidents.


Before the controversy could gain more momentum, Leya took to Instagram to post an old photo of herself and Ayton dining in a restaurant. The image was captioned, “2019… So stop the Zion comparison,” hinting at their long-standing connection.

This, however, was a reference to the incident involving Zion Williamson, a player for the New Orleans Pelicans, who made headlines when a video surfaced online showing him in an intimate situation with an adult film actress while his partner was pregnant.

The controversy escalated when the actress expressed disappointment after Williamson hosted a significant gender reveal party. She also mentioned being late on her menstrual cycle, hinting at potential implications for the NBA star.


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NBA fans troll DeAndre Ayton

DeAndre Ayton
DeAndre Ayton (image via X / formerly Twitter)

NBA fans’ immediate and widespread response to the Ayton-Leya video has been a mix of shock, humor, and disbelief. Many fans quickly drew parallels between Ayton’s situation and the previously mentioned Zion Williamson incident.

One fan tweeted, “And she still doing p*rn while hooked up with a NBA player?? these ni**as need guidance” – a clear reflection of the disbelief after seeing the video. Another fan commented, “Lol, he’s dating an active p*rnstar??? These ni**as get max contract & still be st*pid”

Here are some of the Twitter reactions:


It will be interesting to see how this social media controversy will affect Ayton’s on-court performance. But as history has shown, controversy is typically where NBA players find their inspiration. Phoenix Suns fans hope Ayton focuses and delivers a memorable season.

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