“Your parents really raised you wrong” – Dez Bryant calls out Malika Andrews for RACIAL BIAS when reporting about NBA players’ misconduct

Malika Andrews called out by Dez Bryant for showing hostility towards black male athletes and ignoring white athlete issues

“Your parents really raised you wrong” – Dez Bryant calls out Malika Andrews for RACIAL BIAS when reporting about NBA players’ misconduct

Mallika Andrews Dez Bryant (Image via Twitter)

Malika Andrews has been called out again. The much-trolled NBA on ESPN host has been called out by former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. This has been long in the line of trolls against Andrews after her controversial comments one after the other.


Posting on Twitter, Bryant said:

You went out your way to crucify Brandon Miller on draft day over something he didn’t even do.

This is in relation to the recent Josh Giddey situation. Bryant and many others before him have called out Andrews for having a bias against black players. Bryant continued to say:

Why haven’t you said nothing about Josh Giddey I advise you not to make this a black or white thing.

Time and time again Malika Andrews has been seen not talking about white player issues. Just focusing on black players, especially males. Where Dez Bryant has an issue is that Andrews has been silent about addressing Josh Giddey, but she went on to list all the issues black male players have whenever she gets a chance.


Elaborating further on his issue with the way Andrews handles off-field issues concerning black male athletes Dez Bryant wrote:

Your parents really raised you wrong and just because you went to a private school don’t make you better. You appeal and I know your kind You just a puppet I dont know how a former or current nba player could sit there across from you and look at you with some kind of respect.

Malika Andrews has been called out for her takes on black male players before. She has gone into heated arguments with Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins, Richard Jefferson etc. all while trying to make biased opinions.

Malika Andrews rubbing people off the wrong way

Since her rise to helm the chair of the show “NBA Today” on ESPN, Malika Andrews has rubbed people the wrong way more than once with her controversial takes about black male athlete issues. Many have trolled her, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Her mentioning at length the investigation into the 2023 Charlotte Hornets draft pick Brandon Miller’s murder investigation raises questions about her motive.

Mallika Andrews Brandon Miller
Mallika Andrews Brandon Miller (Image via Outkick)

More than once have fans and players asked why ESPN allows her to continue this tirade. After all, her compatriot at ESPN Stephen A. Smith has covered the Josh Giddey issue at length as much as other black male issues.


So, the real question Dez Bryant is asking her is, why this bias? And why would it cloud your judgement?

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