“I still wasn’t myself,” Draymond Green credits Stephen Curry for ensuring his legacy isn’t spoiled

“I still wasn’t myself,” Draymond Green credits Stephen Curry for ensuring his legacy isn’t spoiled

Draymond Green and Stephen Curry

Draymond Green opened up about the difficulties he faced during the 4th NBA championship run against the Boston Celtics last year. Speaking about his struggles on Uninterrupted’s podcast “Throwing Bones”, Green said that Game 4 in TD Garden would have tarnished his legacy if it wasn’t for Stephen Curry

Speaking about the hostile environment in Boston Celtics’ TD Garden, Green said, “At game 3, I was f**king rattled. I heard everything you could possibly hear in that arena. N*****, F**k you n*****, I heard it all.” As much as the Dubs fans love Draymond, he is also hated by opponent fans and nobody knows it better than Green but Game 4 was different. “I have been booed damn near in every arena in the NBA, that was a different thing,” Green recalled

Throughout the finals, the defensive stalwart was criticized by many NBA analysts and former NBA players for not being aggressive enough on either side of the court. Draymond admitted that he wasn’t being himself, but Stephen Curry’s heroic performance saved everything he would have lost that day. He said, “Shoutout to the GOAT Steph Curry because in Game 4 I still wasn’t myself, but I rallied enough to be better. And then he carried me… His performance was all so I didn’t get murdered.”

Stephen Curry had a historic Game 4 against the Boston Celtics that night and singlehandedly carries the Golden State Warriors past the Celtics in the game. For those who still don’t get it, Game 4 was in Boston and the TD Garden is still a nightmare for opponents, Curry scored 43 points in TD Garden! Giving credit to the former MVP Green said, “Like we were losing…Game 4. He did not let us lose.”

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Draymond Green says he felt disrespected when he was benched in Game 4 of the NBA Finals 

Draymond Green

With 7 minutes still left in the game against the Celtics in Game 4, Kerr benched Green but Kerr again brought the former Defensive Player of the Year back after 4 minutes in the game. “I got offense/defense sub, by the way I felt like that was disrespectful as f**k,” commenting on his substitution Green said. DG remarked that he understood the bigger picture and didn’t take it personally. “I didn’t take it personal because the only thing that was important to me was to win a championship.”   

Green has remained a team-first player and understands that team comes before him. There is a reason he is called the heart and soul of the Warriors. “Afterwards I had to take myself to a place of like ‘don’t go down that road’ because for me that road can get ugly.” Green also added that, had the Warriors lost Game 4 after his being benched, he wouldn’t have taken it well. 

Shortly after the Championship Parade in San Francisco, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was on “Point Forward” and opened up about his decision to bench Green. Defending his decision, Kerr said, “I’ve been here now eight years, so I know all these guys so well,” Kerr said. “I didn’t really think much about it when I took Draymond out in Game 4, because that unit was not doing well so I was really looking for a shift. And I was thinking I would just take him out for a minute or two and then get him back.” The Warriors won the Finals in 6 games (4-2), giving Stephen Curry and Draymond Green their 4th ring.

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