“Disgusting and shameful”- Draymond Green siding with domestic abuse charged Miles Bridges doesn’t sit well with teammate’s partner

Warriors player's partner indirectly reacts to Draymond Green's statement regarding Miles Bridges.

“Disgusting and shameful”- Draymond Green siding with domestic abuse charged Miles Bridges doesn’t sit well with teammate’s partner

Draymond Green's teammate's wife hints at her opinion regarding his Miles Bridges statement (Images via X)

On Friday, the Golden State Warriors played against the Charlotte Hornets. During the last seconds of the game, a few players got into altercations. Hornets Miles Bridges was upset at Lester Quinones for attempting a shot despite the Warriors’ lead. Grant Williams also got involved in the altercation. As a result, Quinones and Williams were ejected from the game.


Draymond Green was also seen talking to the opposing team. Hence, he was later asked in the post-game press conference about his take on the whole situation. Green talked about Williams’ behavior and called him out for his ‘tough guy’ persona. On the other hand, when it came to Bridges, Green defended the player calling him his little brother. He said that Bridges cannot do any wrong in Green’s eyes.

Miles (Bridges) can do no wrong to me” is disgusting and shameful. point blank period.
Molly Morrison via X

Green’s statement did not sit well with fans. As fans were going at Green on Twitter, his teammate’s partner also seems to have agreed with fans. Warriors forward, Andrew Wiggins‘ partner Mychal Johnson expressed her opinion about the statement. She liked a tweet that called Green’s statement disgusting and shameful.

The reason fans were upset was because, in June of 2022, Bridges was arrested for an alleged assault on his former girlfriend. He was released a bit later. In July, Bridges was charged with one felony count of causing harm to a parent of a child and two felony counts of child abuse.


Draymond Green calls out Grant Williams after Warriors-Hornets brawl

During the Warriors vs. Hornets game, Miles Bridges started talking trash at Warrior’s Lester Quinones after he took a shot during the last seconds of the game. Hornets Grant Williams came to defend his teammate and started an altercation with Quinones resulting in ejections for both the players.

Warriors Draymond Green Press Conference
Draymond Green called out Grant Williams after an altercation (Image via X)

After the game, Green was asked about the incident in the press conference. While talking about the topic Green called Williams out. According to the Warriors forward trying to be a ‘tough guy’ is going wrong for Williams.

He can't keep being like this tough guy. It's going absolutely wrong for him. Like he's a really nice guy and, and for some reason, he keeps like trying to jump on the unlikable side and I must tell you it's not always fun over here. It's not always a good time.
Draymond Green at the post game press conference

Green called him a nice guy and said that Williams should not to try get on the unlikeable side. Saying it is not fun to be on that side. And said that Williams need to figure this one out. Green also mentioned Williams’ trade from the Dallas Mavericks.

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