“More piercings and more tattoos B*TCH” Even after being threatened to be thrown out of the league, Dennis Rodman changed NBA with $500,000 disobedience 

Dennis Rodman changed the rules of the league despite being threatened to be thrown out of it.

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

One may admit that Dennis Rodman was always a ‘bad boy’ since childhood, who was forced to get into physical fights. But there is no denying that this chap went onto make the most of his skill in the NBA, against the biggest basketball icons. 

He may be violent or physical on-the-court and even got onto the nerves of his own teammates yet there is no denying that Dennis Rodman’s persona and charm is something that not many could avoid. While modern-day NBA players are known to get majority of their body’s inked. Back in the day, Rodman was one of a kind. Who not only got tattoos but even piercings to unimaginable places. 

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How did Dennis Rodman change NBA and its rules? 

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

Even if we forget about tattoos and piercings, that not where The Worm stopped. The 5 x NBA champion had always been audacious and experimental when it comes to his appearance. From getting blinged up to wearing crop tops, Dennis Rodman has never shied away from outrageous outfits. Moreover, Dennis has fashioned his hair with every color of the rainbow and then some more. According to GQ, he was often offered huge sums of money from clubs just for him to make an appearance there. 

In a recent interview, Dennis Rodman revealed that the Commissioner of the NBA once threatened to kick him out of the league if he got more tattoos and piercings. However, the threat had no effect on the Worm as he went and did exactly what he was told not to. He quoted, “Really? Okay, great there you go. I kept getting more piercings, more tattoos and they started accepting it you know.” 

That being said, it just signifies that Rodman was and is scared of nobody. Whatever the consequences might be, the Worm never shied away from following his heart and what he truly wanted to do. And that is just why Dennis Rodman is unlike any other superstar to make it big in the league. 

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