“You ain’t s–t” Ex-Bucks’ star Brandon Jennings reveals brutal NBA welcome he received from Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant

Former NBA players Brendon Jennings and Gilbert Arenas recall savage Kobe Bryant stories.

“You ain’t s–t” Ex-Bucks’ star Brandon Jennings reveals brutal NBA welcome he received from Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and Brendon Jennings

Kobe Bryant was savage, ruthless, and arguably the most skilled player when it came to the offensive side of the floor. Nobody wanted to face a great player like him, who was always equipped with his Mamba Mentality. Former Milwaukee Bucks player Brendon Jennings recently recounted the former Los Angeles Lakers great giving him a savage welcome-to-the-NBA moment. Jennings was one of the most promising rookies in 2009, but Kobe put the flying-high young gun in his place. 

Speaking of the time, he revealed that in his rookie year, Mamba gave him a look that made him scared. “My first Kobe moment, he gave me a look. I was like, ‘This dude is serious,’” Jennings said of the Lakers legend. Fair to say, he witnessed nothing out of the ordinary about the five-time NBA champion. On the court, Kobe had the demeanor of a ruthless beast preparing for his prey. He led the Lakers to numerous championships because he went out there every time to win and was prepared to pay the price.


The former Bucks player elaborated more on what Kobe said to him after leading the Lakers to a victory against them. “It was my rookie year, and I already scored 55 (points), and this was when he hit the game-winner in Milwaukee. So everybody was dapping, he came on the court serious and looked at me like… ‘You ain’t s–t little n—a.’ … I was like, ‘Okay, it’s on,’” recalled Jennings. 

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Gilbert Arenas and Brendon Jennings recall Kobe Bryant’s freak nature on the court

There are countless Kobe Bryant legends, but there are a few that stand out among the rest. What the 18-time All-Star could perform on the court was the byproduct of years of dedication and hard work. He was confident and knew he could make plays at will since he had put in countless reps. Brendon Jennings recounted the Milwaukee game-winner, saying that Kobe came to the same spot and sank the game-winner from where he had missed it previously. “I remember him missing a game-winner, and then going back to that same spot and making it,” the former Bucks player revealed.


Gilbert Arenas, the former Washington Wizards player, recalled the unparalleled confidence Kobe had. “So we were playing, and you know it was like a two-on-one break. And, Caron Butler fouls and stops the break. So everybody was like, Good job! That stop two points. So, Kobe comes out…and we’re all like, Good, Good. You saved two points,” Arenas said.

What Kobe did next was Mamba-esque. “Kobe walks over to him and says, ‘Hey, who are you guarding?’…‘You!’…How many fouls you got?’…‘I got one!’ and Kobe says, ‘So you only got five left? Well, you need all six fouls to guard me, and you just wasted one…on him!’” the former NBA star added.

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