“That n***a was food” – NBA fans unearth young LeBron James COOKING Ime Udoka during playing days after ‘b***h’ jibe, roast Rockets HC for being ‘fragile man’

An old footage of LeBron James and Ime Udoka resurfaced online.

“That n***a was food” – NBA fans unearth young LeBron James COOKING Ime Udoka during playing days after ‘b***h’ jibe, roast Rockets HC for being ‘fragile man’

Lakers' superstar LeBron James and Rockets' head coach Ime Udoka going back and forth (via LBS)

The recent Lakers-Rockets NBA game saw a heated exchange between LeBron James and Rockets’ head coach Ime Udoka. The latter’s subsequent ejection from the game led to fan reactions and discussions about their past encounters.

The heated exchange, which occurred in the game’s final quarter, led to technical fouls for both James and Udoka. For Udoka, this was his second technical foul of the game, resulting in his ejection. The Lakers dominated the game, especially in the second quarter whilst the Rockets faltered after Ime’s departure.


Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless, and many others commented on the situation. The reactions varied from person to person. Some supported LeBron, while others supported Udoka.

LeBron James, however, humorously dodged questions about the argument. He told the media their very friendly conversation was about how much fun they had on Thanksgiving. This response hinted at a desire to downplay the incident, focusing instead on the festive spirit. However, King James fans did not leave it at that. They unearthed old clips featuring James and Udoka.

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Fans ridicule Ime Udoka after digging out montages of him getting COOKED by LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James’ and Houston Rockets head coach Ime Udoka’s rivalry dates back to their playing days. James often targeted Udoka for buckets. Their long-standing feud escalated recently with an on-court altercation, drawing reactions from fans and commentators.

LeBron James ( via Sports Illustrated) and Ime Udoka ( via Sports Illustrated).
LeBron James and Ime Udoka (via Sports Illustrated).

Fans have found clips of a young LeBron James dominating Udoka in their playing days, sparking a mix of humorous and critical responses towards the Rockets’ head coach. One person commented, “That n**ga was food born was taking hella iso jumpers on his a**.” Here are some of the other tweets:

This incident between LeBron James and Ime Udoka makes it interesting to see how this rivalry evolves and what new chapters are added to this ongoing narrative as the season progresses.


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