WATCH: Former Celtics star Marcus Smart yells at Memphis Grizzlies teammates for embarrassing performances

Marcus Smart demonstrating leadership with team pep talk.

WATCH: Former Celtics star Marcus Smart yells at Memphis Grizzlies teammates for embarrassing performances

Marcus Smart schools Memphis Grizzlies teammates for 'embarrassing' performances (screengrab from video via TikTok)

Yesterday, the Memphis Grizzlies encountered a setback at home, suffering a 97-119 defeat against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Struggling with a discouraging record of 3-13, the Grizzlies have now faced four consecutive losses, placing them in the 14th position in the Western Conference standings.

During the game, Jaren Jackson Jr. stood out for the Grizzlies, contributing 18 points, 3 assists, and four rebounds in his 37 minutes of gameplay. On the opposing side, Anthony Edwards played a pivotal role in the Timberwolves’ victory, showcasing an impressive performance with 24 points, 5 rebounds, and seven assists.


The Grizzlies confronted the Timberwolves with a notable absence in veteran guard Marcus Smart, currently sidelined due to injury. Compounding their roster challenges, the team is missing key players, including Ja Morant, currently serving a suspension imposed by the NBA. In the matchup, the Grizzlies recorded a 38.6% field goal percentage from 88 attempts, with a 27% success rate in their 3-point field goal attempts (10 out of 37).

Despite his injury, Marcus Smart, recently traded from the Boston Celtics, made a noticeable impact for the Grizzlies, leveraging his experience and leadership. Even off the court, he actively motivated the players following the loss. This injection of leadership is particularly crucial for the Grizzlies, currently facing a void in on-court guidance.

Marcus Smart setting things right with a powerful team pep talk

Following another sad loss, the Grizzlies gathered to hear from veteran guard Marcus Smart. Overheard expressing his dissatisfaction, Smart labeled their performance as “embarrassing” after a 22-point defeat at home to the Timberwolves.

Marcus Smart motivating the team
Marcus Smart motivating the team (Image credit –

Marcus, renowned for his strong work ethic, joined the Memphis Grizzlies with the specific aim of instilling a winning culture within the team. While the road to a turnaround is undoubtedly challenging, the key lies in the collective effort of the team. Coming together, they must strive to reshape their fortunes as a cohesive unit.

The Grizzlies, taking on the struggling Utah Jazz on their home turf, have an opportunity to bounce back to winning ways. However, despite challenges faced by both teams, the Grizzlies, backed by their home crowd aim to halt their recent downturn and steer their season back on course.

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