“No way even Dennis Rodman could stop him” Gilbert Arena exclaims how LeBron James is unstoppable in today’s NBA

Gilbert Arenas expressed his opinion on comparing eras and why LeBron James will dominate over anybody from the 90s Chicago Bulls dynasty

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LeBron James may be one of the most skilled players in the league at the moment and arguably the greatest player of all time. He has won several accolades including four championships and MVP awards  as well as a scoring title, All-NBA selections and many more. Yet, he is still being criticised for not living upto the tagline as the greatest.

LeBron James
LeBron James

At the age of 37, the Los Angeles Lakers has shown potential in terms of longevity. He managed to put up 30.3 points a game last season which is not easy being one of the oldest players in the league. Most players have considered retiring by his age and have done it as well.

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Gilbert Arenas claims Dennis Rodman could have never stopped LeBron James

Lebron James
Lebron James

There is an ongoing debate on which era is the greatest. Most individuals would admit that the 90s Chicago Bulls dynasty have the best chances of dominating in any era while some claim otherwise. Gilbert Arenas expressed his take using LeBron James as an example.

“What rules are we playing under? You’re really gonna have to let this group adjust… these ’92 guys can’t keep up cause they don’t have the equipment… to compete with these crossovers and stepbacks. Its really a pointless argument. Back in the day they were like, ‘Yo Dennis Rodman, they would have killed… a 6″7, 210lbs wouldn’t be stopping LeBron James. Let it go.”

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Gilbert Arenas highlights why evolution has an impact on eras

LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas
LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas

He continued talking about evolution being a factor in why eras cannot be compared. He said, “Evolution changes. Evolution changes the way the game is played and the its moved. So when you sit and say all the players are soft and they couldn’t last in my era. It’s a false statement.”

“You’re looking at the game from rules and adapting to it. One they say its soft because they’re watching the players complain about fouls, right? Because the rules told us you can’t do this, you can’t do that, so… I’m designing my game off of the rules that are in play right now.”

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