“This is why we love you” Twitter fans react as Kelsey Plum reaches out to help breast cancer victim fulfil her dreams

Twitter reacts as WNBA Superstar Kelsey Plum tries to track down her fan who is a victim of breast cancer at the final stage

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The WNBA and NBA together have been more of a community rather than a simple sports league. For several years, players that have come and gone as well as the ones of today have used their platforms to being change to society. From gender inequality to racial discrimination and other social issues, both leagues have stood for what is right and has strict laws against any negligence towards these topics.

Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner

For example, recently the issue revolving around WNBA Star Brittney Griner being sentenced to prison brought the counterparts closer together in support of its countpart. League leaders like LeBron James and others have spoken out of support for her. Similarly, the league has fought for the African-American community for generations as they have predominantly black athletes.

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WNBA Superstar reaches out to help cancer patient

Kelsey Plum
Kelsey Plum

Kelsey Plum has been a rising star in the making. The WNBA player has been a dominant scorer of the ball dropping easy 20 or 30 points every night. She was recently crowned the Most Valuable Player of the Year for the 2022 season. Plum has been an incredible player and the world has started to accept her into greatness.

A few days ago, a fan of the MVP was spotted holding a sign which mentioned meeting Las Vegas Aces player was on her bucket list. The fan identified Ashleigh Ahrens, is a stage four breast cancer victim. Plum had tweeted out saying, “Hi, can someone help me find this person???????” with an image of the fan attached to it.

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Fans react as Kelsey Plum reaches out to meet her fan via Twitter

Tom Brady and Kelsey Plum
Tom Brady and Kelsey Plum

Luckily, Ahrens noticed Kelsey Plums tweet and replied to it expressing how happy she felt that she was about to meet her idol. Fans were equally determined to help both parties fulfil their dreams. Here is what they had to say.

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