“Unacceptable” – Jaylen Brown SLAMS Adam Silver and NBA’s experiment, claims players at risk of suffering serious injuries

Jaylen Brown criticizes the In-season Tournament courts says he slipped too.

“Unacceptable” – Jaylen Brown SLAMS Adam Silver and NBA’s experiment, claims players at risk of suffering serious injuries

Jaylen Brown (screengrab via Dailymotion)

Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics voiced his displeasure with the In-season Tournament courts in a recent post-game interview, voicing worries about player safety. Brown’s remarks clarified the difficulties that players encounter on these particular courts, especially concerning the slick conditions.


Inquiring about the courts on their home ground and whether they experienced comparable slipperiness. Brown’s answer alluded to the variation in court quality, implying that different tournament courts have different problems. Concerns are raised regarding player performance and safety as well as the standardization of playing surfaces.

During the post-game interview, Brown stated:

So tonight I thought the floor was kind of unacceptable; I think guys were just slipping all over the place. 

This was reported in an attempt to confront the problem head-on. His frank evaluation of the playing field draws attention to the possible risks that competitors may encounter. In response to a question about whether this was specific to the current game or a persistent issue, Brown elaborated, saying:

It was the one we played, the one we played in Boston was fine, like, I thought it was good.

This distinction highlights how different venues have varying court conditions, which increases the difficulties players face throughout the in-season tournament.

Brown’s frank criticism highlights the larger consequences for players’ well-being in addition to the acute annoyance of tripping on the court. Serious injuries from slips and falls on the court can have an impact on a team’s competitiveness as a whole as well as on individual players.

Jaylen Brown warns of serious injury risks due to slick courts in NBA’s In-Season Tournament

“Players at risk of suffering serious injuries,” sums up Brown’s opposition to the In-season Tournament and places blame for the venture on NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Brown draws attention to the possible effects of slick courts on player safety and the urgency with which the league must resolve these problems.

Jaylen Brown for the Boston Celtics
Jaylen Brown for the Boston Celtics (Image via House of Highlights)

The NBA is always looking to experiment with new formats and tournaments, so player input, especially from well-known players like Jaylen Brown, becomes increasingly important in determining the league’s future and safeguarding the welfare of its players.


The NBA introduced new courts to make it easier for viewers to tell regular-season games apart from In-Season Tournament ones. This tournament is an experiment to boost interest in early-season games by adding stakes, like cash prizes for winning teams. However, fans feel that the NBA’s more pressing concern might be capturing immediate attention.

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