Joel Embiid to form SUPERTEAM in the East? Two teams emerge as contenders to land reigning MVP

Joel Embiid is reportedly unhappy with the ongoing drama in Philadelphia.

Joel Embiid to form SUPERTEAM in the East? Two teams emerge as contenders to land reigning MVP

Joel Embiid (via NY Post)

The tensions within the Philadelphia 76ers camp are high due to the drama between the team and James Harden. Harden referred to the 76ers’ President of Basketball Operations, Daryl Morey, as a liar. According to Harden, Morey has broken multiple promises, leading him to declare that he will never play for any organization that Morey is a part of. As a result, the question now is what Joel Embiid will decide to do.


Embiid, who won the MVP award this past season, has experienced numerous injuries throughout his career. Given his size and injury history, players like him often don’t have many years of high-level play. Additionally, situations where star teammates like Ben Simmons in 2021 and now Harden refuse to play are causing him to lose precious years of his career when he could be competing for championships.

If Embiid were to express his desire for a trade, numerous teams would be eager to acquire him. An MVP-caliber player like Embiid could substantially improve any team’s chances of contending for a championship.

As reported by Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports, both the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks are closely monitoring Embiid’s situation. According to a league source that conveyed to Goodwill, other teams are actively observing his circumstances.“Everyone’s circling, waiting. The Knicks and Miami are keeping an eye on everything going on,” a league source told Goodwill.


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NBA Insider gives insight on Joel Embiid’s future with Philadelphia

What is Joel Embiid’s future in Philly?
Joel Embiid (via ESPN)

If the Philadelphia 76ers fail to promptly address the situation with James Harden, they could end up losing Joel Embiid as well. Embiid appears displeased with the ongoing situation in Philadelphia, as evidenced by his clear expression of dissatisfaction when he removed “Processing” from his bio and eliminated Philadelphia as his location.

This action heightened anxiety among Philly fans. Embiid, the sole star to emerge from “The Process,” which led to the team’s extended period as the NBA’s weakest, leaving might result in another prolonged period of low performance for the 76ers. However, there may still be hope for Philadelphia fans.

During a recent appearance on the “97.5 The Fanatic” Radio show, Senior ESPN Writer Ramona Shelburne stated that Embiid is content as a Sixer and that his removal of “Processing” from his bio isn’t indicative of any forthcoming change. Shelburne said, “He is happy to be a Sixer. I don’t think this is a precursor to something. I think this is Joel Troel”.


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