“When you come up here, homies don’t matter! SPEAK THE TRUTH” Kendrick Perkins slams Patrick Beverley for being partial toward James Harden

Kendrick Perkins targets Patrick Beverley for being biased between Chris Paul and James Harden. Beverly tried hard to defend himself, but Perkins was in no mood to let it go.

Patrick Beverley being targeted by Kendrick Perkins
Patrick Beverley being targeted by Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins lashed out at Patrick Beverley for being biased on his opinions on TV as an analyst and siding with his former teammate, James Harden. Especially after his personal rant on Suns veteran Chris Paul.

Patrick Beverley made his way into the headlines for his new avatar as an NBA analyst. Just like his presence on the court, his un-filtered opinions on players, probably way more talented noise than his game. He famously targeted Chris Paul for his defensive lapses against Luka Doncic, calling him “the cone”, which was very disrespectful and eventually condemned by many NBA Stars. He already supported James Harden for the max extension situation in Philadelphia, questioning his true nature as an analyst. Kendrick Perkins, 1st-time face to face on TV with Patrick didn’t like the nature of analysis Bev had, and fired shots at him.

It was 1st time that two former players faced each other on TV as analysts and big man Perkins offloaded Beverley for his “biased” comments. On ESPN’s “NBA Today” show, Beverley got some earful from Perkins, who kept the receipts for the very moment

Patrick Beverley had to face the wrath of Kendrick Perkins for biased take on James Harden  

James Harden and Patrick Beverly at Houston Rockets
James Harden and Patrick Beverly at Houston Rockets

Patrick Beverley turned to TV shows right after the Timberwolves got eliminated from the playoffs. A fiery character on the court lived up to his image and freely called shots on different games and particularly players. His comments were largely enjoyed as he was “fresh from the court” and even has a good basketball IQ.

On one debate he sided with James Harden, who was eligible for max extension and people were questioning whether Philadelphia should go ahead with Harden – after poor offensive performance against Miami Heat, resulting in the playoff exit. Patrick in support of ‘the beard’ said, “Max. Supermax, whatever the word is after supermax, that’s what you give him. He’s James Harden. He’s the person who gives a supermax to. No hesitation about it. If you hesitate about it, he will go somewhere else. So who else do you get in place of him?”  

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While on another talk show he thrashed future Hall of Famer Chris Paul for his inability to guard Luka Doncic, which also resulted in the playoff exit for the Suns. His exact words were, “He can’t guard nobody, everybody in the NBA knows that. What do we call him? Cone. You know what you do with cones? In the summertime, you got a cone. You make a move. What does the cone do?”

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins

While there are instances where Harden was criticized for his defensive contributions, Beverley sides with his former Rockets teammate for a “supermax” extension, and on similar grounds, he de-values 12-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul. Former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins uses this “biased” point of view and fires back at Beverly.

He said, “Pat Bev said you all need to give him his flowers (extension) I always praised James Harden, to the fact that I am sitting here right now looking crazy because I said that they (Harden and Embiid) possibly could be the next version of Kobe and Shaq. But James Harden got me sitting up here looking like a fool.”

For Beverly, he added, “Here is my thing to you Pat Bev. I watched you sit up here and I watched you dismantle CP3. I watched you give CP3 business for his horrible play. You didn’t tell the lie, but you didn’t tell the truth about James Harden. You are a Homey, see when you come on TV, now you are talking yourself out of the basketball space and you coming here and being the NBA analyst, Homey don’t matter, no more.”

He asked Bev to speak the truth as Perkins feels that the thing he said about Harden was a lie and just Beverly was just protecting his “homey”. While Beverley defended him with the fact that he discussed the “only” defensive aspect of CP3 and for Harden, it was related to the max contract situation, which he deserves irrespective of other Ex-NBA players’ feelings.

When Beverley tried to put Perkins in a tight spot questioning his take on the Harden situation, the big man explained that based on current performance it should not be a supermax extension, but he can get a contract extension if the team wants to.   

All being said, Perkins wanted Beverley to be fair and use a common scale while commenting on players as an analyst.

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