“He’s a grown up, he doesn’t need security” Kevin Durant savagely responds to Shaq defending Charles Barkley on “bus driver” comments

Kevin Durant responds to Shaquille O'Neal defending his colleague who called the Nets forward a bus driver

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets had to face a very upsetting season after the events that conspired earlier on in the season. They became the first and only team to get swept in the playoffs during the first round. Now as the season has crowned its new champions and goes for a small break, the Nets will have a lot of problems to solve by the commencement of the following season.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

KD had one of his biggest chances to become a multiple time champion with the Golden State Warriors. But following the 2019 NBA Finals, he chose to move on from the franchise to pursue a place that allows him to grow as their leader. But he has been criticized by many experts for quitting on the injury burdened Dubs.

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Kevin Durant corners Shaquille O’Neal for defending his colleague over “Bus Driver” comments

Final MVP Winner Kevin Durant
Final MVP Winner Kevin Durant

After the Nets mad their exit, Charles Barkley had a lot to say to Kevin Durant. “Kobe Bryant, ‘I had to win a championship without Shaq.’ LeBron James, ‘I had to win a championship without Wade and Chris Bosh. That’s the way this thing works. Before KD gets that great respect from all the old heads, he’s going to have to win a championship as the bus driver.”

These comments did not settle well with the former MVP. He clapped back at Chuck saying, “All this shit is nasty another terrible analogy from a hatin old head that can’t accept that we making more bread than them. It’s just timing Chucky, don’t hate the playa.” Barkley’s close friend Shaquille O’Neal came to defend him saying, “stop it,” in the comments section of the post ESPN had made on this. Durant directly replied to it saying, “He’s a grown up, he doesn’t need security Shaquille.”

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Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving not coming to terms on new contract

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving arguing in between the game
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving arguing in between the game

If Kevin Durant were to win another championship, it all comes down to whom the Nets choose to pair him with. Right now relying on Kyrie Irving has been a major let down since the player did not follow the vaccination mandate which banned him from playing in the arena. By the time the state lifted the ban, Irving was only allowed to play 29 games and the team was down valuable players.

After half a season of absence, he expects Brooklyn to offer him a four-year deal. The front office has only offered a one-year player extension worth $36.5 million mainly to test his loyalty and reliability. The deadline to sign this contract in on the 29th of June after which if it both parties fail to come to terms, Irving will become a free agent.

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