“I want Irving to walk in the Garden” Stephen A. Smith urges Knicks to trade Kyrie Irving amid massive Nets backlash

"First Take" host Stephen A Smith opens the door for Kyrie Irving to come to his hometown team, the Knicks, who is in search of a franchise player.

Kyrie Irving, Stephen A Smith

The Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving went viral on Wednesday after reports of an apparent conversation between him and LeBron James were made public on Twitter. Irving is reportedly willing to meet up with James in Los Angeles and plans may already be underway. On “First Take”, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith argued that the New York Knicks should be the team to take a risk on Irving.

The Brooklyn Nets appeared to have established themselves as NBA Championship contenders in the summer of 2019 after signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. That hasn’t happened, as the team has lost in the first round and advanced as far as the Eastern Conference Semifinals even without the super team. It is no secret that Durant is beginning to feel the effects of Irving’s misbehaviour over the previous few years, and we are finding that he might not be as close to Uncle Drew as first thought.

Nets to not offer an extension for Kyrie Irving

Shams Charania of “The Athletic” said that there was a deadlock between Kyrie Irving and the Nets and that the guard may enter free agency this offseason as a result. The New York Knicks were named as a team of interest among possible candidates. The seven-time All-Star’s contract situation is apparently being handled aggressively by Brooklyn since the Nets are unwilling to commit him to a long-term deal given how unreliable Irving has been in the past.

He has been unavailable due to injury and personal matters, yet both have played a role. He earlier abruptly quit his squad to “simply take time off” and didn’t take the vaccination, nearly costing him a whole season. The former champion wanted to co-coach the Brooklyn Nets and just did so as well. His delusions have been attributed to these factors by a number of experts, including some former NBA players. One of the issues in Brooklyn is Irving’s evident dislike for Steve Nash as a head coach as Kyrie and the Nets are about to go on a rough period that will start next week.

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Stephen A Smith adjures the New York Knicks to trade for Irving

Stephen A. Smith advises the Knicks to take advantage of the chance to hire the seasoned great and champion to serve as their team’s leader. Here’s what he had to say about it: “If I’ve got a chance to get Kyrie Irving, walking into the Garden, and I don’t have to guarantee more than one year at a time? Oh I’m goin’ to take that chance.” On theory, Irving appears to be the ideal candidate to satisfy the Knicks’ long-standing need for a franchise point guard. Irving’s inability to play for an entire season is the problem as he has proven.

Kyrie Irving averaged 27.4 points per game during the regular season while shooting 46.9 percent overall and 41.8 percent from outside the arc. He scored 21.3 points on 44.0 percent shooting against Boston in the first round of the playoffs this year and only 38.1 percent of his long-range attempts were successful.Due to his refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, he was only able to participate in 29 games for his team at home last season. But for the Knicks, the opportunity to get a talent like Irving could be too much to pass up. The question is whether the Nets would be willing to send Irving to Madison Square Garden across town.

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