“Motherf**kers don’t deserve to eat before us!” Kevin Garnett once made media members drop food plates at All-Star game

Kevin Garnett has a well known reputation for not shying away from making his feelings known.

“Motherf**kers don’t deserve to eat before us!” Kevin Garnett once made media members drop food plates at All-Star game

Kevin Garnett (Credits: ESPN)

One of the NBA’s biggest trash talkers on the court is Kevin Garnett. Like any other power forward, Garnett could get under people’s skin like it was nobody’s business. The verbal attacks were relentless, making them hard to ignore. He is similar to the classic bully from schoolyards, someone who teases others for amusement. Paul George recently told a story about Garnett’s short fuse being on full display for everyone to see.


Kevin Garnett has strong beliefs on certain subjects. He feels that the food and water that NBA players receive are extremely essential. Paul George once told a story about how the legendary coach and player of the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves scolded reporters and coaches for eating ahead of the players.

Kevin Garnett said,

Y'll b*****s, Y'll mother*******, Y'll put that fu**ing food down. That Sh*t goes to us first. Yeah, mother****** don't deserve to eat before us. We put our goddamn bodies on the line. 

Reporters and coaches reportedly went out to lunch during an All-Star weekend before the players were served. Kevin Garnett became enraged over this, calling everyone out and ordering them to put down their plates.


He made it clear to everyone that the players were the ones who bet their health to perform. Thus, they are entitled to food first. Garnett simply wants respect for every player. Paul George then stated that he had heard Garnett’s remarks and that he also agreed that the players should be given the respect they deserve.

Kevin Garnett might return to the Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves’ finest player may return as the deal to Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez draws closer to completion. Kevin Garnett and the Timberwolves may reunite. There were highs and lows in KG’s association with the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, rivalry peaked in subsequent years when Garnett and Glen Taylor, the owner of the Wolves, disagreed. Nonetheless, Garnet’s apparent homecoming to the franchise appears to be signaled by a shift in the old guard.

Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett (Credits: Bleacher Report)

With his MVP award from the 2003–04 season, Garnett is the greatest player in Timberwolves history. Karl-Anthony Towns, the franchise’s star, will allow Kevin Garnett to take on a front-office position within the organization as a result of the Wolves’ sale, according to an ESPN report. Towns is supposedly luring KG back into the fold and it continues to be his only productive relationship with the Wolves.

After winning an NBA championship with the Celtics, spending time with the Nets, and finishing first in the league during his first 12 years with Minnesota, Garnett returned to the Wolves in 2015, having recently signed a young KAT. Garnett is presently giving Anthony Edwards the same kind of guidance he provided to the 2025-16 Rookie of the Year.


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