“I didn’t have Amex or none of that,” Kobe Bryant once saved Paul George by taking care of night out bill

The Mamba helped one of the rookies without even knowing.

“I didn’t have Amex or none of that,” Kobe Bryant once saved Paul George by taking care of night out bill

Paul George and Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was one of the players who was all about work. His stories from the Team USA practices are the best example of how intense the Mamba Mentality was. However, there was one time when Bryant took things lightly over his teammates. His generosity saved one of the rookies at the time from possibly paying an extraordinary amount, which he couldn’t exactly afford.


Paul George, the rookie was drafted 10th overall pick by the Indiana Pacers in 2010. He signed a 4-year $10.5 million contract. But at the time, George wasn’t sure of his future in the league. It was to a point where PG wasn’t spending a lot of money. However, one night, when George might have had to pay for a night out, the Black Mamba came to the rescue.

So we get the little Ace bottles. Next thing you know... It's the jumbo junk... I ain't have no Amex or none of that yet... So I'm nervous as hell as these bottles coming out. That's what I'm thinking of. And then, next thing you know, we standing on the... the Couches, the sofa, we standing on the sofas. We get a tug from behind, turn around its Kobe. 'Hey man ya'll enjoy the night.'. And he just walks out... So the girl comes like, 'Yeah Kobe took care of it, we didn't charge you guys.'
Paul George said on Podcast P

The Mamba let the rookies have some fun, as he silently walked out, taking care of the bill. Nervous, PG, was then relieved and had a great night. While it wasn’t usual to see Bryant at a night out, the Mamba saved the rookie without even knowing. PG and Kobe Bryant had a great relationship off the court, as the latter was almost like a mentor to George.

Kobe Bryant helped PG13 immensely during the postseason

Back when George played for the Thunder, the OKC faced the Blazers in the first round of the 209 postseason. Unfortunately, PG was suffering a shoulder injury and was in the middle of his recovery. He hadn’t played the game for about two weeks and was nervous going into the playoffs. After a couple of games, George asked for help from Kobe Bryant.


Bryant, who was busy at the time, said that he would get back to George. Not expecting a reply from Bryant, George got a long paragraph text three hours later. ‘The Mamba,’ being the basketball genius he was, explained every situation that could benefit PG.

Going into the next game, George only had his mind around Bryant’s advice. PG turned into Playoff P, getting to his spot and making shots, as the Lakers legend’s words truly helped him. PG had 32 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists for the night despite the loss. While the Thunder would go on to lose the series in five, it just showed how well the Mamba knew PG’s game.

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