Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Announces SHOCKING Decision, to Have ‘Last Dance’ in 2024

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's decides to leave Shark Tank after thirteen seasons, marks an end of an era for the show

Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Announces SHOCKING Decision, to Have ‘Last Dance’ in 2024

Mark Cuban is leaving Shark Tank after 16th season. (Image via Associated Press)

Billionaire entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has announced a surprising decision. He will leave ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ after its 16th season. This marks the end of an era for the show, where Cuban has been a mainstay since joining full-time in Season 3.

Cuban first appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ in Season 2, quickly becoming a permanent figure. His charisma and insights have greatly influenced the show’s success. He has provided financial support and mentorship to many entrepreneurs. Cuban revealed his departure on the ‘All The Smoke‘ podcast, after more than ten years on the show. During this time, he has invested over $29 million in various businesses.


During an appearance on the Showtime podcast “All The Smoke,” Mark Cuban had this to say:

This is our 15th year. Next year, 16th year, is going to be my last year... It's time.

Cuban’s impact on ‘Shark Tank’ extends beyond mere investments. He has been a beacon of inspiration, embodying the American dream and demonstrating the power of strategic business acumen. His approach to evaluating pitches, favouring concise and clear business propositions over elaborate backstories, has been a hallmark of his tenure on the show. Cuban’s departure is not just the end of a chapter for him but also a significant shift for ‘Shark Tank’ and its audience.

While the network has not officially confirmed his departure, Cuban’s announcement has already stirred anticipation and speculation among fans. His unique blend of business savvy and personal charisma has made him a fan favourite. As Cuban prepares for his ‘Last Dance‘ in the upcoming season, viewers are eager to see how his final appearances will unfold and the lasting legacy he will leave on the show.


How many companies did Mark Cuban invest in Shark Tank?

Throughout his tenure on ‘Shark Tank’, Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban has been a prolific investor, backing at least 85 companies with a total investment exceeding $29 million. His investments span a wide range of industries, reflecting his diverse business interests and keen eye for potential. Cuban’s contributions have not only provided financial support to these companies but also invaluable mentorship and exposure, helping many of them to achieve significant growth and success.

Mark Cuban has invested an estimated 29 million dollars in companies pitched on Shark Tank (

One notable example of Cuban’s successful investments is Wondry, a Black-owned wine label. After Cuban’s investment of $225,000, the company’s revenue quadrupled to $1.1 million in less than a year. This remarkable growth underscores the impact of Cuban’s involvement, which goes beyond mere capital injection to include strategic guidance and networking opportunities.

Mark Cuban’s journey on ‘Shark Tank’ has been more than just a series of business deals. It has been a platform where he has shared his expertise, encouraged innovation, and championed the entrepreneurial spirit. As he prepares to bid farewell to the show, his legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs.


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