“That’s not going to happen” NBA Insider completely buried claims of Lakers giving up first-round-picks for Buddy Hield and Myles Turner

“That’s not going to happen” NBA Insider completely buried claims of Lakers giving up first-round-picks for Buddy Hield and Myles Turner

LeBron James and Lakers looking for profitable trade among Buddy Hield and Kyrie Irving

Los Angeles Lakers have their half-battle won, as of now. As per reports, they tied down their most influential player of the current crop for 2 more years. As per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPNLeBron James accepted a two-year extension in exchange for $97.1 million, with a player option clause last season. This puts the Los Angeles Lakers in an encouraging position and a sense of optimization flowing through the franchise. But nearing 40, LeBron can’t win all the games for the 17-time champions. So the Lakers are reading themselves with a deeper and younger team around LBJ to challenge for titles.

The Lakers’ market movements are very much open, as they have clearly focused on two deals throughout this off-season. The first one reuniting LeBron and Kyrie using Russell Westbrook and both their picks to the Brooklyn Nets, with the possibility of getting another role player to match salaries. Also, there was a somewhat silent try to land the Indiana Pacers’ Buddy Hield and Myles Turner with any possible package.


After famously refusing to add any extra draft pick for Kyrie Irving to their initial offer, the Lakers might now be considering sending both their future picks, with the Nets’ firm stand on the same. But Brooklyn Nets have one priority “unresolved” Kevin Durant trade issue, which might prolong the process or even be a deal breaker for the LA team. This makes the Pacers trade a viable option for LA, but Adrian Wojnarowski has revealed that the Lakers are not going to trade both their picks to Indy for Hield and Turner.

Los Angeles Lakers are looking to assemble the best possible support team with limited trade assets.

LeBron James and Anthony DaviLeBron James and Anthony Davis
LeBron James and Anthony Davis

After extending a contract with franchise centerpiece LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers would be ecstatic to provide maximum support to the 4-time NBA Champion. While the king’s recent performances have convinced many that LeBron can defy the laws of aging, the Lakers are moving ahead with caution now.  

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Adding a young player to help LeBron and Anthony Davis is their priority, but LeBron now has 2 years of assurance of playing in Purple and Gold. So the Lakers would be looking at a “quick fix” to be able to land a title in those 2 seasons. Both the deals discussed earlier involve high-impact players, and the Lakers front office will have to give preference to either of them.

As per ESPN reporter Wojnarowski, “the Lakers are having on-and-off talks with Indiana about Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. But they’ve not been willing to give up 2 future picks in that deal. Russell Westbrook will also have to be involved. The Lakers are going to continue trying to see if they can add some size and shooting before the season or at the start of the season.”

Considering the expiring contract situations of Buddy Hield and Turner, the Lakers would consider securing their future picks while dealing for the duo. No doubt they will bring important skills to the table, but the picks might hold more value in other deals should the Lakers try to make the superteam yet again in this summer trade window without Russell Westbrook. As for the Pacers, they could trade the players individually to different teams later in the season to get 2 picks in 2 trades for both the players. 


Many NBA pundits preferred the Indiana trade over the Nets trade for the Lakers as 2 impactful players would give the Lakers a stronger team than depending on “Current Kyrie Irving”. Also, the Lakers would do well with the shooting form of both players. Buddy Hield is getting the best looks of his career as an open 3-point shooter, which might be of great use with LeBron’s vision. And Myles Turner can be the center next to Anthony Davis, providing LA a versatile lineup.

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