“When you’re the big dog…you get to brag” NBA Insider Joy Taylor feels Draymond Green is well within his rights to ‘GLOAT’

NBA insider Joy Taylor shares her point of view on Draymond Green bragging in various talk shows and podcasts after he won his fourth championship earlier this month.

Joy Taylor, Draymond Green
Joy Taylor, Draymond Green
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After winning the 2022 NBA championship, the Golden State Warriors have been prospering. Draymond Green is the only player who is having more fun. Green received a lot of media attention for his open comments throughout the NBA Playoffs. The talented forward has never been shy in expressing his opinions and when it comes to basketball enthusiasts, this has frequently been seen as being rejuvenating.

Green has been outspoken about hitting back at some of his earlier critics since winning the NBA championships. It’s not a big surprise to see Draymond enjoying himself again on top of the mountain since he’s one of the finest trash talkers in the NBA. Green hasn’t hesitated to dig up his records and contradict all of the previous haters who questioned him and his Golden State Warriors colleagues’ ability to complete the task. Analyst Joy Taylor recently stated on “The Herd” that she had no issue with Draymond “gloating” because, as a winner, you have earned the right to brag.

The 4th time’s a charm for Draymond Green and the Warriors

Draymond Green‘s remarks may have offended some, but it’s vital to keep in mind the hardships Draymond and the Warriors have faced in recent years. The Golden State Warriors have earned the right to respond to some of their past naysayers and there is no doubting that. Golden State had to contend with numerous setbacks after a successful run of championships over the years. Players like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and even Green were among a large number of injured players for the squad.

The Warriors were healthy down the stretch of the season after dealing with a number of challenges, and they then went on a spectacular postseason run. The Warriors have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions as a franchise that was once at the top of the league before rapidly falling down to the foot. Yet they cruised forward and brought home the fourth championship in eight years for the city of Oakland.

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Joy Taylor with her remarks on Draymond Green.

On a recent episode of ‘Skip and Shannon’, host Joy Taylor shared her interpretation on why Draymond Green and the Warriors have every right to boast after winning his 4th championship in 8 years. She said: “When you’re the big dogs, you get to brag. That’s how it works.” When Green optimistically declared that the Warriors are going to win the championship three times in the next four years, Taylor might have disproved about them winning 3 titles but she insisted the supporters and rest of the league to give the defending champions the respect they deserve.

With a healthy squad that hopes to maintain most of its players, Golden State has emerged as the favourites to win for the next season. It won’t be long until Draymond starts to proclaim that Golden State is back now that the Warriors are in control and appear poised to defend their title.

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