“That’s like going in a restaurant..eating..and not paying” Nick Wright on his issue with Lakers’ obsession with their future picks

NBA analyst Nick Wright shares his opinion on Lakers planning keep their point guard Russell Westbrook with a 47 million player option with the loss of several draft picks.

Nick Wright, Los Angeles Lakers
Nick Wright, Los Angeles Lakers
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Nick Wright provided insight on the dilemma of LA Lakers supporters for the upcoming season as the curtain closes on the Kyrie Irving drama. Recently, the speculations about Irving joining the Lakers have gathered a lot of momentum. When he exercised his player option, Lakers supporters were upset. In the NBA off-season, the LA Lakers have not yet made any transactions except that of Russell Westbrook as Darvin Ham plans the roster for 2022–23.

Wright expressed his displeasure at the Lakers in response to the Westbrook saga on the First Things First show. He was not pleased with their unwillingness to part ways with Westbrook, the all-time leader in triple-doubles, even at the expense of future draft picks. Westbrook is apparently a part of Ham’s plan, but the guard will have to make some sacrifices, according to Ham.

Nick Wright weighs in on the Westbrook situation

Nick Wright was going back and forth at Westbrook as he indicated that Russ would be a bigger problem for the organization than anyone else. Wright made the following remarks on “First Things First” on how LA Lakers supporters have been feeling lately: “Game 1’s going to come around and Russell Westbrook’s going to be on this damn Lakers team and they’re just screwed. So, yeah. They should be disappointed.” Fans of the Lakers have seen all hopes disappear since Westbrook decided to sign a $47 million player option contract for the 2022–23 season. There isn’t much for supporters to look forward to even with Brodie returning for another season.

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook last summer, they startled the NBA. The next year was the team’s and maybe the NBA’s biggest failure. In the 2021–22 season, Westbrook shot 44.4 percent from the field and 29.8 percent from outside the arc for averages of 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists. The former MVP occasionally struggled to adapt to L.A.’s approach since he and James are both ball-dominant players.

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The Lakers now have to deal with Russell Westbrook’s $47 million contract after missing out on Kyrie Irving. The team has seen its free agent choices narrow as a result of this big contract consuming their salary cap. From shock to disappointment, Wright concluded his presentation by saying: “It’s like walking into a restaurant and sitting down and being like I’m very hungry, I’ll like a meal and I will not pay. Do the Lakers think they are going to be bad in a few years, ?” he questioned. “Are they planning for that?.

Coach Ham, who was renowned for not allowing carelessness during his time with the Milwaukee Bucks, will give Russ the nod if he does not execute a play as the coach requires. The Lakers will have to go outside the box while building their roster, just as they did last year. The LA Lakers might be in for another another rocky season with little time to develop chemistry.

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