NBA Investigates Ja Morant’s Alleged Gun Display in Viral Instagram Live Video

Fans React with Shock, Concern, and Defense as the Memphis Grizzlies Player's Behavior Sparks Controversy

NBA Investigates Ja Morant’s Alleged Gun Display in Viral Instagram Live Video

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has launched an investigation into a viral Instagram Live video involving Ja Morant, the star player for the Memphis Grizzlies. The footage, which was posted early on Saturday morning, shows Morant shirtless and rapping along to music at what appears to be a strip club. However, it was Morant’s alleged display of a gun to the camera multiple times that caused a stir.


An NBA spokesman, Mike Bass, confirmed that the league is taking the matter seriously, stating, “We are aware of the video and are in the process of gathering more information. The NBA takes these matters seriously, and we will not have further comment at this time.

The video quickly gained traction online, with fans expressing a variety of reactions. Some were shocked and dismayed by Morant’s behavior, with one Twitter user calling him a “tremendous idiot” and another stating that they were “dying to ruin his career.” On the other hand, some fans defended Morant’s actions, insisting that he was merely having harmless fun.

Meanwhile, concerns were also raised regarding Morant’s mental health and well-being, with some fans calling for him to receive support. “We need to be supporting him instead of laughing at him,” one Twitter user wrote. “We don’t know what’s going on in his life.”


The situation has left fans with mixed reactions, with the NBA investigation looming and the outcome uncertain. The league has yet to release any further comments on the matter.

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Ja Morant Faces Controversies Over Alleged Assault and Gun Incidents in 2022 as well

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Ja Morant (Source: (AP Photo/Karen Pulfer Focht))

Memphis Grizzlies’ star point guard Ja Morant is currently under investigation by the National Basketball Association (NBA) for an alleged incident involving a gun. According to reports, Morant flashed a gun on his Instagram Live video while at a strip club on Friday night. If the allegations are found to be true, Morant could be facing a significant suspension from the league. However, this is not the first time the 23-year-old has been in the spotlight for controversies surrounding guns.

Police records reveal that in July 2022, Morant was accused of assaulting a 17-year-old boy during a pickup basketball game at his home. The boy claimed that Morant and another man attacked him after he blocked Morant’s shot. The boy also alleged that Morant flashed a gun at him and threatened to shoot him. As a result, the boy filed a lawsuit against Morant in September 2022.


Just four days before this incident, Morant was accused of threatening a mall security guard with a gun after being asked to leave the mall after closing time. The guard claimed that Morant pulled out a gun from his backpack and said, “I’ll shoot you,” before walking away. Morant, however, has denied both allegations, claiming that he acted in self-defense in both cases. He stated that the boy threw a basketball at his head, and the guard grabbed his arm aggressively. No charges have been filed against him so far.

These controversies have raised concerns about the use of guns, particularly among professional athletes. The NBA has a strict policy against players carrying guns, and any violation of this policy could lead to severe consequences.

The investigation into Morant’s alleged involvement in gun incidents and assault has significant implications for his career. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold, but it emphasizes the importance of professional athletes being mindful of their actions both on and off the court.

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