NBA Trade Rumor: Nets and Lakers’ Kyrie Irving-Russell Westbrook swap get major Joe Harris twist

Brooklyn Nets believe adding Joe Harris in Kyrie Irving-Russell Westbrook trade will make the deal possible

Kyrie Irving went from being the Brooklyn Nets’ only hope to winning a championship to the only liability holding them back from bagging title. Recently, the player decided to opt in for his one-year deal worth $36.5 million over the next season. He initially did not intend of signing the deal in hopes of getting a bigger multi-year contract. But the situation has become a big question mark.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

It was during this time six years ago that Kevin Durant made a decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and once again he has demanded a trade from the Nets. The exact reason as to why he made this decision comes to no understanding but it might be because of the risk of repeating history once again. Multiple teams have come forth trying to acquire Durant and Irving as well, but none seem to have the tradeable assets.

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Kevin Durant chooses his top destinations to get away from the Nets

Kevin Durant with the FMVP in 2017
Kevin Durant with the FMVP in 2017

The Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat, both former finalists in the last five years are Durant’s top picks for the swap. Unfortunately, it seems like the Heat do not have any tradeable assets on their roster that would match the value of the former NBA champion. The Nets also do not want to ship KD to the Suns without getting Devin Booker in return, who averaged 26.8 points, 5 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per game this past season.

Another team that has started to show interest is Durant’s former team the Golden State Warriors. The Dubs won two titles with the former Finals MVP. Stephen Curry and Co. allegedly does not have any problem reuniting with their former teammate but the assets are unavailable in this scenario as well. KD averaged 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists per game in the regular season and any situation outside of Kyrie Irving’s Nets roster would help him potentially win his third ring.

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Nets believe Joe Harris in potential Kyrie Irving swap could solve issues

Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook at the national team camp
Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook at the national team camp

Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers have been making a forceful push to trade away Russell Westbrook who in under a hefty $47 million one-year extension with them. The Nets front office believes that adding Joe Harris to Kyrie Irving-Westbrook trade will be the final piece to make it official. Harris is a former three-point contest champion and has one of the highest three-point shooting percentages of all-time with 43.9%.

Russ was a liability in terms of shooting averaging only 9.1% from beyond the arc since the 2021-22 All-Star games. Kyrie is a very good scorer of the ball and also made a great piece beside LeBron James on the championship winning Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. Harris will be coming off an injury the next season but is definitely a workable piece to acquire.

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