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“Requesting Adam Silver, Bob Myers and Sean Marks to kill this idea” Nick Wright believes nobody wants to see Kevin Durant back with the Warriors

Nick Wright speaks against Kevin Durant to Golden State Warriors trade and pleads officials of the NBA to stop it from happening

Kevin Durant wants to be traded once again. It is very tragic seeing one of the league’s top most player bouncing around teams because he feels unaccepted by the culture of those franchises. Around the same time six years ago, he made the decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to win a championship. Even though there was a definite understanding to that signing, the reasons to his recent decision are very vague.

Kevin Durant

Last season, the Brooklyn Nets had a tough time with Kyrie Irving opting out of play for more than half the season. This created a lot of damage and ultimately caused an early exit in the playoffs after getting swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round. Irving initially decided not to sign a one-year extension but recently opted in for it. A few days after his decision, KD wanted out.

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Kevin Durant openly interested to reunite with the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry in 2018

Stephen Curry was majorly looked down in terms of value as a player when Kevin Durant was with the Warriors. This year was a huge redemption moment after they went on to win their fourth title in six years. This ought to make the Sniper feel regretful for quitting on a perfectly good scenario for him.

Recently, both parties have shown a glimpse of interest in running it back once again. But what the Warriors lack are viable assets to make the trade fall through. There is no chance of them giving up anybody from the core veteran group except for possibly swapping Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kaminga, and or James Wiseman with multiple future draft picks.

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Nick Wright pleads the Warriors’ front office and NBA commission to keep Kevin Durant away from them

Nick Wright

Besides the reigning champions, the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat are Kevin Durant’s top picks to play for. But unfortunately, neither team possesses the assets to make the trade. Considering how KD gave up on the franchise, Nick Wright believes he should not play for them anymore. “I do not want to see Kevin Durant back with the Warriors. One this 4th of July, where we celebrate by blowing things up and causing small fires, I would request NBA media, Adam Silver, Bob Meyers, and Sean Marks to kill this idea with fire.”

“No one wants this. I don’t want this, Steph doesn’t want this, I would be shocked if Kevin Durant wants this and I know GSW fans don’t want this. I monitor the Bay Area media… you know what Warriors fans have been doing for the last couple of years?… they don’t want to run it back. No one other than Draymond Green’s podcast producer wants this to happen. The NBA was not incredibly interesting the three years Kevin Durant was in Golden State.”

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