“We would crush Kyrie if he was doing what Draymond is doing” Nick Wright reveals dissatisfaction with Draymond Green doing pre-game interviews with NBA on TNT

After Skip Bayless, Nick Wright also thrashed Draymond Green for more outside court activities than any other active players. He compares other stars like Kyrie and Marcus Smart, who will be criticized for similar actions

Nick Wroght frustrated on Draymond Green for fequent appearances on TV outside game
Nick Wroght frustrated on Draymond Green for frequent appearances on TV outside game

Nick Wright targets Draymond Green for more screen time outside the basketball court, and even sympathizes with Kyrie Irving who had huge criticism in recent days

NBA on TNT has a new format to their show right now, as they visit the home courts of the Finals contesting teams, they are directly interviewing the players during the warm-ups. Of course, it is on the player’s permission and all mikes and earphones things. Interestingly not many but Warriors players seem ok with the interviews with Draymond Green leading all the way, with pre-game, post-game, and even podcasts. Nick Wright was disappointed with Green’s new avatar and says that “media-savvy” Draymond is hampering his image as a player.

Nick suggests that if he was Green’s teammate, he would be a little irritated at how much Draymond the future media personality has intersected with Draymond the current player. Skip Bayless also had thrashed Draymond on similar grounds. Also, he compares other stars like Kyrie and Marcus Smart, who will be criticized for similar actions.

A star on the court and TV shows – Draymond Green

Nick Wright
Nick Wright

Draymond Green had proved to be a very integral part of the Championship-winning Golden State Warriors. Though he is not a high-scoring player for the team, his presence on the court, defensive abilities, and play-making gave the Warriors huge advantages in many games. HE is proving instrumental in this postseason also, helped stop primary scorers of opponent teams – like Luka Doncic, Ja Morant, and Nikola Jokic. But he is now a TV sensation also.

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Green’s game IQ is unquestionable, and people love him for his straightforward views and “no-nonsense talks”. Citing his popularity, TV shows have approached him for more frequent appearances in post-game interviews, – notably at NBA on TNT. Green never misses a chance to directly interact with fans and he thrived in those post-game interviews too.

Wright was fine with it, even with Green’s popular Podcast shows, but as he saw Green giving an interview during the warm-up session, Nick questioned his intentions. He said, “ I thought Draymond doing an interview where he wasn’t just mic’d up but had an earpiece in before game two uh back in so it’s a two-way conversation right back and forth with the TNT guys, I thought that was a bad look. And listen I like Draymond plenty, I’ve said, I think so this was more of like a Draymond green specific thing”

Nick was impressed by Draymond’s defense and handed him 3 defensive players of the season awards, personally, though NBA green won the award in 2017. As per Wright, the future Hall of Famer Green has great value in the team, but him talking to the media before the game is too much.  

Nick even said that not many players would do the same, and even people would criticize Kyrie Irvine for doing similar things. Kyrie was already on target for the Nets’ poor performance while doing a pregame interview would anger fans.  

Anyhow, Draymond – loved by many may be suiting up for a post-retirement career, and a 3-time NBA Champion might be equally successful in it.

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