OJ Simpson picks Bam Adebayo over Anthony Davis, sparks debates amongst fans

Simpson claims Bam is tough, so he'd favor him over Davis.

OJ Simpson picks Bam Adebayo over Anthony Davis, sparks debates amongst fans

Bam Adebayo, O.J Simpson and Anthony Davis. (Images via AP/FOX)

In a recent discussion on NBA Central about the current basketball talents, OJ Simpson, the former NFL star turned broadcaster, weighed in on the debate between Anthony Davis and Bam Adebayo. Simpson did not hesitate to express his preference for the Miami Heat center, Bam Adebayo, over the Los Angeles Lakers forward, Anthony Davis.

When asked who would he rather have on his team, Simpson favored the sheer grit and tenacity of Adebayo. Despite acknowledging Davis’ offensive capabilities, he made it clear that Adebayo’s resilience on the court resonates more with his values.


In Simpson’s words:

I like tough. So I'm going with Bam because I like tough. I mean, I think he is maybe more dangerous offensively, Davis when he's on, but Bam is tough man, and I like tough.

This preference speaks volumes, coming from an athlete celebrated for his toughness during his illustrious football career.

In a sports era where statistics frequently dominate discussions, Simpson’s perspective is a nod to the intangible qualities that don’t always show up on the score sheet but are vital to a team’s success. As the NBA season progresses, it will be interesting to see how the performances of Anthony Davis and Bam Adebayo unfold.


Fan reactions to OJ Simpson’s take on the Adebayo-Davis debate

OJ Simpson’s recent comments on NBA Central, where he favored Miami Heat‘s Bam Adebayo over Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis, have sparked a wide array of reactions from fans and observers alike. While some feel the same as Simpson, others completely reject his opinion and even go so far as to say that he shouldn’t express his opinions on basketball at all.

Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers and Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat during tip-off during the first quarter in Game Six of the 2020 NBA Finals at AdventHealth Arena at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex on October 11, 2020 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
Anthony Davis (3) and Bam Adebayo (13) (Credits: Associated Press)

Simpson’s preference has struck a chord with some fans who appreciate basketball’s intangible aspects. Qualities like grit, hustle, and defensive skills are celebrated by this group. They see Simpson, known for his athletic toughness, as a kindred spirit. Yet, not everyone shares this sentiment.

The discourse around Simpson’s opinions is varied and intense. Skeptics cite his controversial history, questioning the relevance of his commentary. Some dismiss his views outright, challenging the decision to even feature him in sports media. Meanwhile, analytical fans debate Adebayo’s defensive value over Davis’s offensive prowess.


What is clear from these reactions is that basketball discussions are as much about the players’ abilities as they are about the commentators who weigh in on their talents. Simpson’s comments have added another layer to the ongoing debate about what makes a basketball player great, and the jury is still out on whether toughness trumps offensive firepower in the eyes of the fans.

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