Patrick Beverley tried to HURT Lakers, asked key offseason signing not to team-up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Patrick Beverley almost caused harm to Jarred Vanderbilt when he texted him, strongly advising against signing the contract extension.

Patrick Beverley tried to HURT Lakers, asked key offseason signing not to team-up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Patrick Beverley, LeBron James, Anthony Davis (via Imago)

The Los Angeles Lakers turned their season around in a big way after the trade deadline last season. They traded Russell Westbrook and some assets to get a bunch of key players like Jarred Vanderbilt, D’Angelo Russell and Rui Hachimura. Moreover, the team also re-signed a lot of their existing talent, like Vanderbilt.

The Lakers have created a young roster, with LeBron James and AD being the only players aged 30 or older. Their most recent re-signing was Vanderbilt, where they signed Vando to a 4-year, $48 million contract with the Lakers. He was previously making only $4 million per season.


Needless to say, Jarred Vanderbilt was seriously underpaid for what he did for the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, recent news reveals that Vando might have almost been convinced by former Laker Patrick Beverly not to sign an extension this off-season.

In a recent episode of his podcast Patrick Beverley Podcast with Rome, Bev talked about how he texted Vando not to sign an extension with the Lakers. He said that Jarred got what he was worth on the court, but with all he did for the Lakers last season, he should have been overpaid. “He got his worth in the deal but for what he does he should be overpaid,” he said.

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The importance of Jarred Vanderbilt for the Los Angeles Lakers

Jarred Vanderbilt is a lockdown defender who can hit an open three when given the chance. While his skill set might not be that of a superstar, he is an elite-level role player. He is one of the best on-ball defenders in the league and helped the Lakers a lot in their run to the Western Conference Finals. He gave his full effort to the Lakers while he was earning $4 million a year and earning his pay raise.

Jarred Vanderbilt defending Stephen Curry
Jarred Vanderbilt defending Stephen Curry (via Silver Screen and Roll)

In the second round of the playoffs last season, he was the one that kept Steph Curry locked down. His great on-ball and perimeter defense made Curry uncomfortable, as every shot he took against Vando was contested. It dropped Curry’s efficiency and score as his points dropped from 33.5 to 26.7 points per game from the first round to the second round.

On the other hand, his efficiency went from 48.8% to an inefficient 43.9%, showing how effective Jarred Vanderbilt was as a defender against Curry. Lakers would hope Vanderbilt keeps improving his game and shooting and makes him a spacing threat next season.


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