“How dare you?” – Patrick Beverley warns ex-teammate Austin Reaves about beef after Lakers star humiliated 76ers guard

Beverley reveals he was hurt by Reaves pulling the 'too little' on him.

“How dare you?” – Patrick Beverley warns ex-teammate Austin Reaves about beef after Lakers star humiliated 76ers guard

Patrick Beverley and Austin Reaves (via Open Source/X)

Patrick Beverley plays as a shooting guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. During the team’s 138-94 win against the Los Angeles Lakers on 28th November, Beverly was found to be hounding Austin Reaves on every play.

Reaves hit former teammate Patrick Beverley with a “too small” taunt. This was back on the 29th of March, 2023, when Reaves and the Lakers squared off against the Chicago Bulls. The taunt was a direct response to a similar Beverley taunt on LeBron James. So when Beverley squared off against Reaves again, this time playing for the 76ers, Beverly was toe to toe with Reaves on every play, reminding him of who he messed with.


Now one would wonder why Patrick Beverley, who initially taunted James, would take the Reaves taunt so personally. Well Beverly says that he had put himself on the line for Reaves during their time together at Los Angeles. So, it hit Beverly that Austin Reaves would taunt him despite being there for him. Beverly said in his podcast, the Pat Bev Podcast;

I didn't wanna guard anyone but Austin Reaves last night--How dare you come in Chicago, in my hood, and hit me with the too little?

Beverley took it personally with Reaves. Even though Reaves has mentioned his respect for Beverly before. It seems none of that matters to 76ers’ guard. He seems to have been emotionally wounded by Reaves, who picked to defend LeBron James rather than Beverley.

Patrick Beverley is known as a pesky menace

Beverley is playing in his 13th season in the NBA. Currently playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, the guard has never been known for his offensive or defensive stats. Rather he is known for an intangible skill, annoying and hounding opposing players.

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley (Via BR)

He has made a reputation for himself as being that pesky defender who may not block shots or steal the ball but will annoy the opposing player to play less than optimally. The guard has picked up beef with many of the superstars, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, and Chris Paul being some of them. And he continues their beef irrespective of which team they are in. So, on the topic of Reaves, Beverley said;

Every time I see the Lakers until I retire, whatever team Austin Reaves is on, I’m on his a*s.

It seems Austin Reaves will have to watch out for Beverley every time they meet.

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