Rob Pelinka REJECTS Kyrie Irving’s possible future with Lakers, reveals NBA Insider

Brian Windhorst reveals how the Lakers aren't in the run to land Kyrie Irving,

Rob Pelinka REJECTS Kyrie Irving’s possible future with Lakers, reveals NBA Insider

Kyrie Irving (Credits: Getty Images)

Kyrie Irving reuniting with LeBron James at the Los Angeles Lakers won’t be happening this season. Many were rooting for the Los Angeles-based team to acquire the talented guard. But that window of action is now closed according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. The insider recently reported how the Lakers front office isn’t suiting up to even have a chance at landing Kyrie Irving.

Brian Windhorst during his latest appearance on “GET UP,” revealed how the Lakers are focused on running it back with the core instead of acquiring Kyrie Irving. While discussing the unexpected but very limited market UFA Kai has, Brian Windhorst quoted: “There’s not much of a market, the teams that have cap space – Orlando, Indiana, Detroit, Houston – these are not realistic landing spaces for Kyrie Irving. He can take meetings with teams that don’t have space, and there can be negotiations on a sign-and-trade, but that would imply Dallas wants to say goodbye. They don’t.”

Further, talking about the situation between the Lakers and Kyrie Irving, Brian added: “The only team in this offseason where I thought Kyrie would have a chance to go that would be outside Dallas really, would be LA.” But the insider then went on to mention how the Lakers aren’t even trying to have a chance at bringing Kyrie Irving to the system.

Windhorst quoted: “Rob Pelinka has taken out a billboard in Los Angeles. That says we are not gonna be a cap space team. We are re-signing our players. There is no open market for Kyrie Irving. It doesn’t mean he’s not a desired player. There’s just not enough avenues for him to go.” This means the reunion many fans dreamt of isn’t happening anytime soon.

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Kyrie Irving to take Free Agency meetings

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

The Lakers are showing zero interest in bringing Kyrie Irving to the system. Also, the Dallas Mavericks are least interested in parting ways with the champion guard in a sign-and-trade deal until they aren’t getting a superstar back. And, with all of this happening and him being a part of many rumors. Kyrie Irving now is a man on a mission from tomorrow.

As Uncle Drew now wants to settle one last time for the remainder of his career and he’ll be talking with teams to get that done during this Free Agency. Ramona Shelburne reported he’s in search of: “a place where he can spend the rest of his career, the place that feels like home.” But as Windy said he has a limited market and the Mavericks don’t want to part ways with him after exchanging a part of their core and future for him.

Kyrie Irving is eligible to sign a 5-year extension with the Dallas Mavericks worth $272 million. The Mavs also want him back and he also has very limited offers. So him re-signing with the Dallas Mavericks is very expected and we may find him hooping with Luka Doncic next season. But at the end of the day, the league is a business so you never know.

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