“Sit with NBA on TNT guys and talk basketball rather than playing” Skip Bayless fires shot at Draymond Green after poor Game 2

Skip Bayless thrashed Draymond Green for being "carelessly" fouled out in Game 2 against Dallas Mavericks. Warriors won the game, but Green got earful from Bayless.

Skip Bayless on Draymond Green
Skip Bayless lashed out on Draymond Green for his 6th foul in the game

Skip Bayless was furious over Draymond Green for fouling out against Dallas Mavericks while the game was on the line. He targeted his appearances on TNT and mocked Green for the same as the Warriors took a 2-0 lead vs Mavs in the Western Conference Finals.

Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless

Golden State Warriors celebrated a “comeback” win over Dallas Mavericks at home. But Draymond Green had a rough night by his standards and was even got fouled out with less than 3 minutes left on the clock. Skip Bayless criticized Green for bit “needless” foul at the time when the team was looking for his expertise in the clutch plays. It seems that Bayless even taunted Draymond for his early exit as to his appearance on the TNT show. While it was not clear whether Draymond did appear on the Famous NBA analytics show, Skip made sure that Green learn his lesson a hard way.

As Green made a “joyous” appearance on the sets of NBA on TNT after the Game-1 victory, he was hugely cheered, the marquee player also enjoyed the environment. Skip put his figure on the same point and asked Draymond to join NBA on TNT guys, and talk about basketball, rather than playing one.

Draymond Green could have cost Golden State Warriors the game against Dallas Mavericks

Draymond Green and NBA on TNT show
Draymond Green and NBA on TNT show

The Warriors were leading with 8 points in the 4th quarter when Green left the court with 6 personal fouls. With exactly 2:25 minutes left in the game, it could have been a risky “foul-out” for the team considering the importance of Draymond in the team, especially in the Clutch moments.

Draymond Green
Draymond Green

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His sixth foul did not just send him to the bench early but allowed Dallas to cut down the lead to 6 with the resulting free throws, which they did. Kevon Looney returned to his center position again and made sure that there won’t be any further hick-ups in the game following Green’s departure.

Golden State Warriors were trailing by as many as 19 points in the game but came back strong to win the game 126-117. The strong second-half performance allowed the 6-time NBA champions to overturn the deficit. The Warriors are undefeated at home this postseason, winning all 8 games in the process.  

Stephen Curry scored team-high 32 points for the Warriors, while Dallas Marquee player Luka Doncic finished with 42 points. Kevon Looney had the best game of his career, scoring personal best 21 points with huge 12 rebounds in the game.

Green struggled a bit in the game as he finished with six points, six rebounds, and five assists in the contest. The next game will be a play on Sunday night at Dallas, and Green would be more important as always for the road games.

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