“Michael Jordan has become the most woeful team owner in the history of basketball” Skip Bayless on Russell Westbrook being acquired by Charlotte Hornets

Skip Bayless sees gray shade in Charlotte Hornet's trade for Russell Westbrook, but still consider Michael Jordan as worst Team Owner.

Skip Bayless talks about Michael Jordan acquiring Russell Westbrook for Charlotte Hornets
Skip Bayless talks about Michael Jordan acquiring Russell Westbrook for Charlotte Hornets

With rumors floating around regarding possible Russell Westbrook trade to the Charlotte Hornets, Skip Bayless suggests that Michael Jordan has become the worst team owner in NBA History. Los Angeles Lakers are trying to keep their cards close with veteran and former MVP Russell Westbrook on the team. But rumors are still in the air that they are secretly looking to trade just 1-season old Westbrook for some valuable assets which could improve the scoring prowess of LeBron James, Lakers.

Now Charlotte Hornets are in the mix, suggesting that the Jordan team is looking to trade Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier to free up some cap space for the long run and get an experienced point guard in Russell Westbrook. Sports Analyst Skip Bayless trashes the idea of the deal and went on to target Michael Jordan for thinking such an “obscured” trade. Russell Westbrook’s last hope for another chance on a new team is “ironically” the Charlotte Hornets, according to analyst Skip Bayless.

But he doesn’t like the idea of it. He said, “The irony here – the unfathomable irony – is that Michael Jordan is your only way out from Russell ‘Westbrick.’ He’s the only one in such dire straits that he’s made bad move after bad move.”

Skip Bayless sees the irony in the Hornets trying to acquire Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Skip Bayless has been a fan of Michael Jordan since his playing days. He always put Jordan at the centerpiece while comparing any of the current NBA megastar’s performances. But lately, 70-years old Sports TV personality sees some cracks in Jordan’s legacy as Team owner.   

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While discussing the Westbrook trade on the “Undisputed” show, he said“Michael Jeffrey Jordan has become the most woeful team owner/operator/GM in this history of basketball. I’m talking about 17 years of ownership in Charlotte with three playoff appearances and now playoff series wins. … It’s just been abysmally, painfully bad … and it’s tearing (MJ) apart.”

Carrying on the same point, the analyst believes that taking a shot on Russell Westbrook may be a last-ditch hope for both Jordan and Westbrook. He went on to add that it would rather help Los Angeles Lakers also as they get trustworthy Terry Rozier and a small impact from Gordon Hayward.  

While sharing the floor alongside LeBron James, Westbrook showed intent to work things around “without” the ball in his hand. The LA Lakers’ chemistry did not work out as fruitful as they hoped for and the LA team went 33-49 and missed the postseason. But on a positive note, many saw growth in Westbrook.

Charlotte has LaMelo Ball, who won the 2020-21 Rookie of the Year award with effective gameplay. Adding another PG would certainly be a disastrous decision, but after missing out on playoffs for many seasons, Michael Jordan might be looking for a quick fix, and Westbrook would be that deal for him.

Shannon Sharp clearly disagrees with the idea of trade, considering the growth of LaMelo Ball with the franchise. Sharpe said“You know when you’re in a small market, you gotta hit. You gotta get a Shaquille O’Neal. That’s what changes a small market. … Penny Hardaway, or you get a Dwight (Howard).”

Charlotte is a young, healthy, up-and-coming squad that will see great development together under Jordan if the Hornets can keep their chemistry. Adding Westbrook into the mix may twist things up in ways the Hornets are not going to want. But also, Westbrook joining Ball could give Ball the veteran leadership around his game.

With many variables involved in the trade, it would go good or bad. Needless to say, Skip is not a fan of Michael Jordan’s front office decisions with his basketball team. But he sees the only way out to reach playoffs, making some advancements on a rather “stuck” situation.

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