“You’re the worst 3-Point shooter in the NBA” Skip Bayless sends alarming warning to Russell Westbrook after still managing to earn $47 Million paycheck

ESPN host Skip Bayless claps back at Russell Westbrook with a tweet in which he calls out the Lakers superstar to be a part of the talk show.

Skip Bayless, Russell Westbrook
Skip Bayless, Russell Westbrook
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After receiving a criticism from the Lakers star on Twitter a few days ago, Skip Bayless wants Russell Westbrook to appear on his programme. The athletes have found it difficult in this new social media era to ignore the criticism, particularly from the mainstream media. The well-known media figures have discovered that it is simpler to arouse the desired responses from NBA players by continuously blabbering in their ears a whole critics.

The Fox Sports commentator called Russell Westbrook out using the term “Westbrick,” but it seems like he hasn’t taken that advice to heart since he hasn’t stopped talking about it. Westbrook was gravely incorrect if he believed he would receive an apology for telling Bayless to “watch your mouth.” Saying “don’t say anything here you wouldn’t say to my face” in an attempt to convince him to back off just served to encourage Bayless. In response, Bayless invited the two of them to have a face-to-face conversation on Undisputed that evening.

Russell Westbrook’s redemption season coming soon?

Even though Russell Westbrook has a huge fan base, some individuals believed the criticism to be justified. Westbrook averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 44.4 percent field goal shooting per game. Everyone had bigger hopes, especially with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on board. Along with receiving Westbrook lakers gave up Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Montrezl Harrell, the Lakers apparently traded their first-round pick in 2022. This resulted in nothing more than a playoff exit and a failure to qualify for the Play-in tournament.

However, the triple-double will forever be associated with Westbrook’s career, for better or worse, especially in light of the fact that he averaged them in four of the five seasons previous to moving to Los Angeles. He will be remembered as one of the best players in league history, his generation, and as a first-ballot inductee. Additionally, he will be remembered for being someone whose career was severely limited by his attitude.

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Skip Bayless responds to Westbrook’s tweet

Skip Bayless personally invited Russ to go on “The Skip Bayless Show” on Sunday night to discuss the situation. He wasn’t exactly kind about it, either as the anchor of the Fox Sports show ‘Undisputed’ and former top man at ESPN is anything from a coward. In addition to inviting the 2017 MVP to a discussion, Brodie would have to come out and rip him apart on national television because of how disrespectfully he has handled the situation.

It would not be a good moment for the 9x All NBA selection to compete against a seasoned veteran of the talk show industry right now, when he has just finished his poorest season of his career. Although Westbrook earns $47 million and is coming off a disastrous season with the Lakers that featured poor shooting and many turnovers, he needs to start improving on the court if he wants the mockery to stop. People will have to start treating him with respect if he performs like the superstar he once was.

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