Steph Curry’s Michael Jordan-like impact make him GOAT PG over Magic Johnson, claims Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas provides an explanation for why he considers Steph Curry the greatest point guard GOAT over Magic Johnson. He does so by drawing comparisons between Steph and Michael Jordan.

Steph Curry’s Michael Jordan-like impact make him GOAT PG over Magic Johnson, claims Gilbert Arenas

From L to R: Gilbert Arenas (Twitter), Magic Johnson (SI), Steph Curry (Twitter/@WarriorsTalk), Michael Jordan (CNN)

The debate between Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson about who is the greatest point guard of all time seems never-ending. Especially after Steph claimed that he is the better point guard in a recent appearance on Gil’s Arena. While Magic’s resume speaks volumes, Steph has made a case for himself with his impact on the game and his countless achievements.


Speaking on the topic, Gilbert Arenas recently talked about how the pathways to success were different for Magic and Steph. He delved into how Magic was drafted into the Showtime Lakers dynasty and got to play with Kareem Abdul Jabbar and James Worthy from the beginning of his career, whereas Steph had to carve his own path through the league.

He further added that Magic didn’t have to go to a struggling team and build it up like Steph did. Magic was already given the blueprint by joining an already contending team. Arenas compared Steph to Michael Jordan, highlighting how both superstars transformed bad teams into championship contenders.

“If we’re going to say the best point guard ever, I have to give it to the guy who technically came from the mud – hurt, losing, bad team. Like Michael Jordan, we see you’re team was trash, and y’all built this championship. Steph Curry built this championship.” Arenas said.


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Steph Curry claims to be the best PG in the history of the league over Magic Johnson

Steph Curry calls himself the best Point Guard of All-Time
Magic Johnson (L), Steph Curry (R)

For a significant period, Magic Johnson was regarded as the greatest point guard of all time due to his versatility, allowing him to excel in various positions from point guard to center. This versatility made him a valuable asset to the LA Lakers. However, when Steph Curry secured his fourth championship, he built a strong case for himself.

Steph has now claimed himself as the best point guard in the league’s history, surpassing Magic Johnson. During a recent appearance on Gil’s Arena, he acknowledged Magic’s impressive resume while asserting his belief that he holds the title. Steph finds it surreal to be compared to Magic, as he never envisioned being in such a position.

Curry told Arenas, “Yes, It’s me and Magic. That’s the conversation? Obviously, I have to answer that way, but I really feel like Magic’s résumé is ridiculous,” Curry told Arenas. “So the fact that we’re even having that conversation, that’s a place I never thought I’d be in.”


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