“There are 30 seconds before halftime; just wait until halftime” Stephen Curry sounds off on getting tripped by a beer vendor during Game 3 vs Mavs

Stephen Curry was irked by the tripping incidence as he explains the situation in the press conference. He was not hurt and went on to win the game for Golden State Warriors.

Golden State Warriors marquee sharpshooter Stephen Curry was on some scoring run when he tripped off on the sideline. After which the 3-Point King expressed his disappointment with the courtside beer vendor as his team wrapped home a comfortable 3-0 lead.

Golden State Warriors were on roll with some effective performances from its top players. Especially, Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins, both of who made huge plays in the 1st half and put the Warriors ahead since the early stages of the game. Both teams did their best to dominate the game from the start and the game was evenly poised with just around 30 seconds left for the halftime. But suddenly attention shifted to the sidelines where Steph was tripped off a waiter serving Beer to a court-side fan.

Stephen Curry was agitated by the disturbing incident. Irked Curry gave away a confused look over the event. Luckily he was not hurt and ended up scoring 31 points to lead the team in scoring. Later Curry explained the look in the following press conference.

Stephen Curry explains the frustration but went on to win the game for Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry on hot scoring streak
Stephen Curry on hot scoring streak

Golden State Warriors considered themselves lucky as their experienced sharpshooter came out “ok” from the tripping, but Curry was still upset about the proceedings. He was asked about the same in the post-game interview, where he cleared what actually happened and his views on the affair.

After running out to contest Reggie Bullock’s last-second three that rimmed out, Curry ended up on the sideline and tripped over a waiter crouched down taking a courtside fan’s order.

Stephen Curry said, “There are 30 seconds before halftime. If you order a drink, just wait until halftime. I don’t know why they needed to deliver it right then. Thankfully I was alright. He was doing his job, so hopefully, he got a big tip.”

There were many occasions when players who got tripped, have got hurt and it affected the outcome of the game in some way or another. Famously known was Trae Young’s recent tripping incidence in the playoffs series against Milwaukee Bucks, feeling hurt he went back locker room.

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Golden State Warriors riding high on marquee player’s performances

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Andre Wiggins and Stephen curry

6-time NBA Champions Golden State Warriors team may have lost their top seed midway into the regular season, but they are top contenders for the title this season. With every player contributing heavily on the given night, the Warriors made it to the conference finals. But the finals proved to be easier series than expected as Dallas Mavericks seemed helpless on many occasions.

The home team expected to bounce back from a “disappointing” loss in game-2, but the Warriors’ players made sure that Luka Doncic and company never settle down in the game. Warriors led the game for most of the period and never looked threatened by the Mavericks’ offense. Slovenian star Doncic did all he could to turn things around in favor of the Mavs but was once again let down by his teammates.

Doncic led the game with 40 points and 11 rebounds in the game, while the next 2 top scorers scored a total of 46 points for the Mavs. Curry added 31 points with 11assists in the game while this time it was Andrew Wiggins with the best Career game. He scored playoff-high 27 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the game.

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