Stephen Jackson asserts Lakers HC Darvin Ham has DEFEATED Steve Kerr in the 2023 playoffs coaching battle

Stephen Jackson praises Lakers head coach Darvin Ham's defensive tactics in outcoaching Warriors' Steve Kerr.

Stephen Jackson asserts Lakers HC Darvin Ham has DEFEATED Steve Kerr in the 2023 playoffs coaching battle

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson praised Darvin Ham, stating that the Lakers head coach has outcoached Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr in their playoff matchup. Speaking on Showtime Basketball, Jackson said that Ham’s defensive strategies had been too much for Kerr and the Warriors to handle.


“Darvin Ham is being super smart,” Jackson said. “I mean, hey, Steve Kerr, if you want to play two non-shooters, cool. We’re going to let LeBron and AD just sit in the paint on y’all and force Klay Thompson and Steph [Curry] to make plays.”

Jackson added that the Lakers had been successful in forcing Thompson to be a playmaker, which was not his usual role. He said that this had resulted in Thompson committing numerous turnovers, which had been a key factor in the Lakers’ success.

“Darin Ham is really exploiting that,” Jackson said. “I think Steve [Kerr] needs to look at having at least four shooters on the court, and not two or three, because it’s easy to put them to guard that.”


Jackson’s comments come as the Lakers prepare to face the Warriors in Game 5 of their playoff series. While the Warriors have struggled to keep up with the Lakers’ defensive intensity, they can still make a comeback if the Lakers let their guard down.

However, with Darvin Ham at the helm of the Lakers’ defense, they look well-equipped to handle whatever the Warriors throw their way. As the playoffs continue, it will be interesting to see how Ham’s defensive strategies continue to evolve and whether they will be enough to lead the Lakers to an NBA championship.

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Darvin Ham credited for defensive success in playoffs

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Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Darvin Ham has been praised for his defensive strategies, which have played a significant role in the team’s success in the 2023 NBA playoffs. Ham, who joined the Lakers in June last year, has been instrumental in the team’s recent run, which has seen them take a commanding 3-1 lead over the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference semifinals.


According to Showtime reporter Rachel Nichols, Ham’s defensive tactics have been a key factor in the Lakers’ success, particularly since the trade deadline. She noted that Ham has instilled a defensive backbone in the team, which has been evident in the way they have been able to force the Warriors into difficult situations on offense.

“Anyone who coaches LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ team, everyone just feels like, oh yeah, the coach is just sitting there,” Nichols said. “But I feel like the defensive backbone that Darvin has instilled in this squad, you can see it everywhere.”

Nichols added that she had covered Ham’s Pistons team in the past and knew the attitude he brought to the defensive side of the ball. She said that this attitude had been critical to the Lakers’ recent success, particularly in the way they had been able to limit the Warriors’ offensive output.

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