$350,000,000 Will Smith once BEGGED Michael Jordan for special unreleased shoe appearance on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show

Will Smith talks about his sneaker culture impact on "ALL THE SMOKE."

$350,000,000 Will Smith once BEGGED Michael Jordan for special unreleased shoe appearance on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show

Michael Jordan and Will Smith (via Essentially Sports)

In an “ALL THE SMOKE” show featuring host Matt Barnes and ex-basketball star Stephen Jackson, a thought-provoking discussion between the Oscar-winning performer Will Smith and retired basketball prodigy Stephen Jackson took place. They talked about how Will Smith changed culture, especially when he was part of the hit TV Show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-air.”


Stephen Jackson started off the debate, stating that it had become a tradition for Will Smith to appear on a show with the latest Jordan shoes and asked him whether he realized what this implied for the culture. Smith answered frankly, stating that during this period, he had no idea whatsoever concerning cultural values attached to the clothing styles he chose for himself.

Stephen Jackson pointed out that Will Smith, back in his “Fresh Prince” days, may not have fully grasped his impact then compared to now. He amusingly suggested that maybe Will Smith was Michael Jordan’s sneaker release coach at the time.

Smith, with a smirk, clarified that he wasn’t the coach but shared a funny story about wanting to be the first to wear Jordan’s new sneakers. He used to personally request Michael Jordan not to let anyone else have them before him, emphasizing the playful nature of their interactions.


Will Smith’s ‘Princes’ take center stage: A hilarious glimpse into sneaker culture

At some point, the conversation became funny while Will Smith was captured on film boasting his “Princes”, which represented his power to influence the shoe market back then.

Will Smith with Jordans
Will Smith with Jordans (Image credits – Uprox)

The exchange between Smith and Jackson showed the scenes that went on behind the scenes and the jokes that were cracked while Smith accidentally became an icon culturally in both his roles as an actor, and in shaping what people wanted in shoes like cool sneakers. This discussion portrays Will Smith’s everlasting influence on pop culture that still lingers in the minds of his followers and admirers.

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