“Now KAT know Steph’s real technique” Karl Anthony Towns receives piece of advice from Stephen Curry before conquering the 3-point contest

Karl Anthony Towns conquered the 3-point contest this year, before which, he seemingly received advice from the 3-point god, Stephen Curry himself.

Stephen Curry and Karl Anthony Towns
Stephen Curry and Karl Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony Towns, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ marquee player took the world by storm as he won his first ever NBA 3-point contest in an exciting matchup against a few of the most elite shooters this season in the NBA. Karl Anthony Towns, the 6ft 11 big man from the NBA shows the evolving nature of the sport where such tall men are winning the 3-point contest which isn’t an attribute generally associated with them. Cleveland, Ohio was taken by storm by the Minnesota Timberwolves’ big man who went all in, in his effort to win the 3-point contest this year.

There are plenty of names that you take when you talk about players who are exceptional shooters, some of them are Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and now the name Karl Anthony Towns must also be associated in regards to shooters of the highest order as the player who once was known for his massive dunks and ground controlling plays has now won a championship after his hard efforts in the past few years.

Karl Anthony Towns in the NBA All Stars
“Now KAT know Steph’s real technique” Karl Anthony Towns receives piece of advice from Stephen Curry before conquering the 3-point contest 2

With what we have seen from Karl Anthony Towns, he shows the sheer developing capabilities all the players should have in order to excel in the sport entirely and therefore, the player now sets an example that the big men In the NBA aren’t only good dunkers but also good shooters who can make a difference for the team in multiple ways.

Let us now take a closer look at the happenings in the three point contest and the advice Stephen Curry gave to the man, Karl Anthony Towns who went on to win the NBA 3-Point Contest.

Karl Anthony Towns wins 3-point contest after receiving advice from Stephen Curry

Karl Anthony Towns
Karl Anthony Towns

Stephen Curry seemed to pass on his torch of being the 3-point context champion as the player was seen seemingly giving advice to Karl Anthony Towns right before the event after which Towns won the contest. In a video shared on twitter, Curry was seen talking to the participants of the 3-point contest which is when Karl Anthony Towns seemed to have a small conversation with Curry who was all smiles on seeing him.

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Towns seemingly asked curry about if he looks at the time before shooting and how much time he takes in doing that, to which Curry laughingly replied that he doesn’t actually give a proper Look to the angle of the rim before he shoots, and he just goes for it. Towns then again asked the way in which he takes the ball from where it’s placed and if there is any trick that he uses in order to do that, to which Curry replied that he didn’t specifically have a way in which he picks up the ball.

Even after this Curry and Towns had a small conversation in which they seemed to be all laughs and enjoyed the short moment that they had in speaking to each other.

Towns has now become a 3-point champion which is entirely the result of his hard work and dedication which proves that players can develop into shooters from all the pre set stereotypes that are made about them, of being only dunkers and aggressive players. About the advice given by Curry to Towns before he won the Contest, we can only guess how much of an impact did the advice have in his game and how much he applied the advice that he took from Curry.

Let us now take a closer look at the reactions people had on twitter to Towns becoming the newly crowned 3-point contest champion.


NBA 3-Point Contest 2022

Twitter Reacts to Karl Anthony Towns taking home the 3-point contest Championship

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