Who are Shaedon Sharpe’s Parents, Julia Bell and Robert Sharpe?

Throughout his childhood, both his parents Julia and Robert played an exceptional role to help Shaedon excel in sports.

Who are Shaedon Sharpe’s Parents, Julia Bell and Robert Sharpe?

Portland Trail Blazers’ player Shaedon Sharpe is already a favorite among the fans. Chosen 7th overall pick of the NBA draft 2022 by the Portland Trail Blazers, Sharpe didn’t have to play college basketball. His entire family had come all the way from Canada to New York during the draft and were one support group. So how much is known about Shaedon Sharpe‘s parents? 


Born May 30, 2003, to Julia Bell and Robert Sharpe, Shaedon grew up in London, Ontario. He was the second of his parent’s three children – Amari, Shaedon, and Nishayne. Throughout his childhood, both his parents played an exceptional role in helping him excel in sports. Shaedon’s athletic prowess and zeal for sports were further encouraged by his parents in his early childhood. 

Their unending support and commitment to help facilitate all the right opportunities is highly regarded by the player. Both Julie and Robert were present during the 2022 NBA drafts to boost Shaedon’s morale in New York. His parents often attend the shooting guard’s games, and they share a rather close bond with their son. Here’s what we know about Shaedon Sharpe’s parents, Julia Bell and Robert Sharpe.

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Who are Shaedon Sharpe’s Parents?

Shaedon sharpe parents
Julia Bell and Robert Sharpe (Instagram)

Shaedon Sharpe was born to Julia and Robert Sharpe on May 30, 2003. He is the second child of the Sharpe couple. Shaedon has two siblings, his elder sister Amari Sharpe and younger brother Nishayne Sharpe. 

The 19-year-old shooting guard had a natural flair for sports from a very early age. Julia and Robert nurtured their son’s passion for sports and encouraged him to pursue whatever sport felt appealing to him. Shaedon grew up with a very close bond with his parents who had always supported their child to excel in his pursuits. 

Shaedon’s parents ensured their son was coached by the right professionals and went to many lengths to do so. Julia and Robert would often drive five hours after work to take him to his training courts so he could be coached by the best mentors. Even now, the Sharpe couple regularly attends Shaedon’s games, and they are a closely knitted family. 

Where do Shaedon Sharpe’s parents live?

Shaedon sharpe parents
Shaedon with Mom Julia (celebimages)

Originally from Canada, Shaedon Sharpe’s parents lived in their hometown of London, Ontario. Their residence was pretty close to their children’s school, but when Shaedon went to Dream City Christian School, he had to move to Glendale, Arizona.


The entire Sharpe family came to New York during the 2022 NBA draft to boost Sharpe’s morale. Now with their son playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, they keep visiting him regularly during his games. 

What did Shaedon Sharpe’s parents do for a living?

Shaedon sharpe parents
With dad Robert Sharpe (instagram)

Shaedon’s father, Robert Sharpe, is said to have played football and basketball early in college but never pursued it professionally. Currently, he works on his personal business ventures back in Canada. Both of Shaedon Sharpe’s parents worked and were able to raise all three of their children with utmost care. 

What is the estimated net worth of Shaedon Sharpe’s parents?

The perfect parents (youtube Portland Trail Blazers)

Citizens of Canada, the Sharpe family has their investments and business ventures in the country. Although not much is known about Julia and Robert Sharpe’s business investments, their estimated net worth stands between $1.5-$2.5 million as of 2023.

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With dad and brother
With dad and brother (Instagram)

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