“Should have gotten more action than Kerr and Rodman” Charles Oakley on Scottie Pippen claiming to be better than Michael Jordan.

There were many people whose names were discussed alongside the legend and arguably the GOAT Michael Jordan, but Scottie Pippen wasn’t often one of them, and according to Charles Oakley, Pippen will never be.

Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley
Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley

New York Knicks’ Legend and ex-NBA player Charles Oakley, also known as “The Enforcer” had a lot many things to say while he was in conversation on “All the Smoke Podcast” which is featured on Showtime Basketball.

While conversing with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, the hosts of “All the Smoke” podcast on Showtime Basketball over a plethora of topics, at one point, the GOAT conversation over Michael Jordan was bound to happen, which eventually did happen midway into the video.

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All The Smoke Podcast with Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley was drafted to the Chicago Bulls which meant he got a chance to play with a young Michael Jordan, who eventually went on to become a legend of the sport, also arguably the greatest this sport had ever seen. Oakley was very close to Michael and still is, which happened as they built good relations early in their career when they used to hang out together and went on to do many things.

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What is also special about Oakley’s relationship with Michael is that he also played against Jordan, becoming his business Archenemy, while he was a part of the New York Knicks and played as their key defender, whose role was to stop anyone who came into their paint area, and these strategies were not different for Michael Jordan either.

Charles Oakley in another interview highlighted that Michael Jordan chose to shooting Jumpers as soon as Oakley was traded to New York Knicks, as Jordan knew that if they both came face to face in the paint area, Jordan wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure Oakley would bring, and that he would have to “pay the toll”.

Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley
Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley

Though it might sound sour, all these things said by Oakley were always sarcastic and he has closer relations to Michael than anyone else, also due to which, Jordan wrote the foreword in Oakley’s new book, which he is now out to promote to the world.

With the kind of relations Oakley had with Jordan, it is bound to happen that he would be the first one to defend Jordan’s legacy if asked about his comparisons with any other player in the league, and that is what happened when the Scottie Pippen Question came up.

Let us take a deeper dive int the conversation, and the arguments made by Charles Oakley.

Charles Oakley doubts Scottie Pippen’s claims of being better than Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen
Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

The relationship between two Chicago Bulls’ legends, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan went left when Scottie in his book “Unguarded” threw shade at Michael Jordan and stated that he was better than the latter, and this is felt to be the result of Scottie feeling that he wasn’t given enough credit in Michael Jordan’s documentary, The Last Dance, which was an ode to his career, and the Chicago Bulls.

When asked about Scottie and Michael’s relationship turning sour and the former saying that he is better than Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley had a lot many things to say to this, which made his opinions on the matter crystal clear, that Scottie Pippen, in no way, was better than Michael Jordan and shouldn’t even be a part of that conversation of him being the GOAT.

Oakley said, “Scottie probably feel like he was more to Mike than these guys. He should have gotten more action than Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr. I think Dennis got too much play and Kerr. Scottie did a lot.”, and then followed it with statements that made his answer clear, saying, “I think it’s something off the court. When everybody calling this guy the GOAT, and you ain’t in the Top 25 in scoring, it’s hard for you to say you better than someone. But you got opinion”

This should end the conversation about Oakley’s opinion on the argument of Scottie Pippen, but Oakley went on to add, “Scottie ain’t better than LeBron (James). So, my thing is, Scottie got a lot of potential type of skill level with Bron. But I don’t think Scottie averaged over 20 points, maybe one time in his career”

Charles Oakley and Scottie Pippen
Charles Oakley and Scottie Pippen

With all that might’ve happened between them both, Oakley feels that their relationship won’t be the way it was back when they were teammates, and that Scottie needs to accept that he will never be in the GOAT conversation with Michael Jordan.

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