“This guy is a top 75 greatest player”: Kendrick Perkins fired up about Klay Thompson’s return

NBA Analyst Kendrick Perkins explains why Klay Thompson is a threat to the rest of the league following his return to the game.

Klay Thompson in practice
Klay Thompson in practice

The NBA and basketball world eagerly awaits the return of Klay Thompson after having to go through two whole years of injuries and rehabilitation. Klay has been one of the strongholds of the team ever since he got drafted by the franchise and evolved into a three point shooting assassin which eventually led to the formation of the Splash Brothers.

The Golden State Warriors might be one of the most feared teams this season especially after Klay Thompson’s return to the squad. The team is already at the top of the league with a record of 29 wins and seven losses. Klay Thompson himself had explained why the team is a serious threat to be on the watch for.

Kendrick Perkins reminds the world about Klay Thompson

Kendrick Perkins
"This guy is a top 75 greatest player": Kendrick Perkins fired up about Klay Thompson's return 2

NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins took his opportunity to remind NBA fans of the kind of player Klay Thompson is. He said, “I feel like we all forgot who the hell Klay Thompson really is. This guy is a top 75 greatest player of all-time. No disrespect to Jordan Poole, no disrespect to Andrew Wiggins, those guys are playing phenomenal basketball right now in the regular season. But when it matters the most, Klay Thompson has showed us time and time again that is capable of being the best player on the floor.”

Perkins had explain why he thinks Klay is rightfully so even after the player was snubbed from the 75 greatets player’s list with an example from 2016 when Klay scored 19 points in the final quarter as the Warriors were down eight helping them win that game. Klay has potential of being an elite scorer but knows when and where he needs to come into play.

As highlighted by Perkins,”Klay Thompson takes so much pressure off of Steph Curry. Like we look over that last two weeks… he (Stephen Curry) has been struggling a little but you can’t do that with Klay Thompson.”

Perk spoke about Klay’s presence while on the court and that it helps relieve a lot of pressure off Curry which is turn helps the team built plays that would catch their opponents off guard. According to the analyst, Thompson does not receive enough respect for the player he is or for the value he brings the team or league as a whole.

Fans deliver a mixed set of opinions on Kendrick Perkins’ words

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is undoubtedly very talented but many fans believe that after going through two major injuries, the chances of him being the same player is very slim. Here are some reactions from the comments section.

The fans may not be wrong in this situation. Not every player picks up the game exactly where they left it. Many coaches including Jeff Van Gundy believe that after having two major injuries as such, it will be really tough to relearn the game especially after missing out on two years of the ever evolving league. Klay Thompson may be full of surprises however, he is the same man who had not showed up for pregame practice and scored 60 points with a win. Remember this.

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