Twitter Lashes onto LeBron James After Delivering Injury Scare During Grizzlies vs Lakers

Witness how NBA and hoop fans harshly lashed onto LeBron James after 'faking injury' during Grizzlies vs Lakers

LeBron James

LeBron James being injured hasn’t been a positive case for any team he has represented. Similar has the case been with Los Angeles Lakers. During Grizzlies vs Lakers, although the latter team managed to secure their first win of the NBA 2021-22 Season yet LeBron James lashed onto the floor, making his fans and Laker Nation crumble thinking about another injury which could be on the card for the marquee veteran. 

With the Lakers finally looking like a unit who wants to play together. Safe to say, NBA fans were not happy with LeBron James struggling for yet another injury. Although some might deem the criticism to be quite harsh yet King James has been called out for enduring injuries in the past as well. And on this occasion during the Grizzlies vs Lakers, fans were having none of the same again as they lashed onto LeBron James. 

Twitter lashes onto LeBron James during Grizzlies vs Lakers Injury Scare 

In Grizzlies vs Lakers showdown, an all-too-familiar sight unfolded as Desmond Bane rolled into James’ ankle after colliding with Dwight Howard mid-air on a layup attempt. 

Now, to those who are aware just like last season, LeBron James collapsed to the ground. He rolled on the court, clutching at his ankle. Unlike last season, he hopped back up, tightened his shoelaces and looked no worse for the wear the remainder of the night. However, he got up and managed to play for 40 minutes against the JA Morant led Memphis Grizzlies. 

“The first thing I was thinking to myself was ‘not again’ obviously because it was almost similar but not the same kind of play; a guy falling into my leg and there’s nothing you can do about it,” James said after the Game. “I couldn’t get my leg out of there in time. I just wanted to try to take a moment on the floor, just hopefully it wasn’t getting worse. I had the opportunity to tie my shoe again and see if I could continue to go and I was able to continue to go.” 

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