Free Fire Star Gazer Bundle in Diamond Royale: All you need to know

Free Fire is back with the new Star Gazer Bundle available in the diamond royale section. Players can obtain this bundle by either spending diamonds or using vouchers.

Star Gazer Bundle
New Star Gazer Bundle in Free Fire

Free Fire is known to introduce a variety of bundles to the players either through various events or from the luck royale section. The Star Gazer Bundle is the latest addition to the list of costumes in the game. The bundle is now available in the Diamond Royale section. Players can claim this bundle using spins which requires diamonds and vouchers. This article takes an in-depth look at the exclusive bundle in Free Fire.

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Star Gazer Bundle in Free Fire: Details

Diamond Royale event - FirstSportz
Diamond Royale Section

The exclusive Star Gazer Bundle is now available in the Free Fire Diamond Royale Section. This is a female bundle and comes with a significant and elegant design. The Diamond Royale is a completely luck-based event and requires players to spend diamonds or diamond royale vouchers to spin the royale.

Moreover, the grand prize is guaranteed when the lucky count reaches 100. Players can also stand a chance to win other items like Magic Cube, fragments from the royale. The Star Gazer Bundle constitutes of the following items:

  • Star Gazer (Head)
  • Star Gazer (Top)
  • Star Gazer (Bottom)
  • Shoes

Steps to obtain the Star Gazer Bundle from Diamond Royale

Players can claim the bundle by following these simple steps:

  1. Firstly, players have to click on the ‘Luck Royale’ tab located in the left corner.
  2. This navigates the players to the event where they are required to spin using diamonds or diamond royale vouchers.
  3. One spin will cost 60 diamonds or a single diamond royale voucher. On the other hand, it will cost up to 600 diamonds for 10+1 spins.
  4. Being a luck-based event, players need to keep spinning until they get the bundle.

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