“Quite hysterical”: Brittany Matthews rubbishes reports of Patrick Mahomes stopping her from attending Chiefs games

Brittany Matthews called out Twitteratis who have been trolling her relentlessly.

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes
Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly the next big thing in the NFL. Although the Chiefs couldn’t go the distance this time around, they were quite consistent throughout the season and Patrick Mahomes had a huge role to play in that. However, the man has been among controversies for some time now.

Interestingly, his actions aren’t the reason why his name is dragged in several controversies, in fact, his fiancee Brittany Matthews and brother Jackson are the ones who attract a lot of criticism because of their actions which ultimately result in negative PR for Patrick.

“Hysterical how hating someone can be a cool thing to do”: Brittany Matthews

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews
Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews

Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews are often criticized for doing things in the stadium that many people don’t admire. May it be the fact that they make TikToks on the ground, or Brittany’s act of spraying champagne on fans after Chiefs wins, the two keep drawing ire from NFL fans.

Recently, there were reports that Patrick has asked Jackson and Brittany to stay away from the games to avoid getting involved in any kind of controversy. Rich Ohrnberger, a former NFL guard recently stated, “I’ve been told, Patrick Mahomes had a sit down following the season with his brother and fiancé,” Ohrnberger tweeted.

Ultimately it concluded with him asking them to not attend any games this upcoming season,” he added. “Not surprisingly, Mahomes believes that Jackson and Brittany have become a distraction, and their sideline antics are bad for his brand. A lot can change over an offseason, but for now that’s the story as it was told to me,” he had said.

Responding to this, Patrick Tweeted that people are just making up rubbish these days. Brittany also retweeted what Mahomes said and captioned it “Legit” calling out the ones making stuff up about her for no reason.

Moreover, a user recently Tweeted that apparently, it is cool to hate and criticize Brittany. Replying to this, she wrote, “Yup the cool thing to do. Quite hysterical how something like that can become cool.”

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