“Horrific”: Budda Baker hospitalized after drastic collision on the pitch

Budda Baker was taken to the hospital after suffering a devastating collision with Cam Akers during the Wild Card playoff match this week.

Budda Baker stretchered off

In what came in as shocking scenes for spectators on the ground and on television, during the match between Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals, Budda Baker was stretchered off the pitch.

The Cardinals’ safety back suffered a devastating collision with Rams running back Cam Akers late in the third quarter of the match, bringing the match to a halt, as Baker received treatment off the pitch for a considerable amount of time.

Budda Baker gave an update on his physical condition after the match

With the Cardinals already down 28-8 in the match, their evening went from bad to worse as Cam Akers and Budda Baker collided helmet to helmet, as the latter came in his path to stop Akers proceeding further with the ball in his possession. After the collision, Baker remained motionless on the ground for some time.

However, he did seem to be recovering well from the blow, as the medics confirmed that he was responding, and had movements in all of his extremities. Cam Akers

Budda Baker and Cam Akers
Budda Baker and Cam Akers colliding on the pitch

While being stretchered off the pitch, the 26-year old gave a thumbs up to the crowd, to show his appreciation towards them and also giving the indication that nothing major had happened to him. He was later shifted to a local hospital, where all sorts of testing related to concussions were performed on him.

“Thank you all for the prayers. I am doing good,” Budda Baker wrote on his Twitter account after the match on Tuesday morning to give an update on his fitness.

“Prays up to Budda. I didn’t know he was hurt after the play but I have nothing but respect for him,” Akers wrote in solidarity for Budda Baker after the match wishing him well and also acknowledging the fact that he did not seem to know of his plight immediately after the collision.

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