“NFL doesn’t care about women”: Netizens left fuming after Deshaun Watson gets $230 million deal even after several sexual misconduct allegations

NFL fans are not happy with Deshaun Watson getting a massive deal from the Browns despite all the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Deshaun Watson

Derrick Deshaun Watson has made a name for himself at the biggest stage. The quarterback who will now feature for the Cleveland Browns played college football at Clemson. The star QB successfully led his team to a national championship win back in 2016.

However, Deshaun has been involved in a few controversies in recent times. A lawsuit was filed against him by 22 women who accused him of harassment and sexual assault. Although a grand jury recently declined to indict him in the case, he still might face suspension in the upcoming season.

“This is unacceptable”: Twitteratis are not happy with Deshaun Watson getting a massive deal from the Browns

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson

Earlier it was reported that Deshaun had refused to join the Browns. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Deshaun finally agreed to play for Cleveland. NFL Insider Ian Rapoport also confirmed Deshaun’s deal with the Browns and added that the Cleveland-based franchise will now trade Baker Mayfield. “Deshaun Watson will be the new QB of the Cleveland Browns. A real thing. The Browns will now trade Baker Mayfield,” he wrote on Twitter.

Important contract note for Deshaun Watson, who got a 5-year, $230M contract. His base salary for 2022 is $1M, which means if he’s suspended, it’ll come out of that base,” Ian wrote on Twitter. This is indeed a market-altering contract. However, many are not happy with this move by the Browns.

Several netizens have pointed out that it is just disheartening to see that Deshaun Watson, someone who has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women raking in so much money. NFL analyst Mina Kimes was also not pleased with the massive deal.

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